Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Age Election

Imagination is the catalyst for creativity. What we imagine becomes our reality in one way or another. We like to tweak what we create. We color our creations with emotions, influences, and associations. Our experiences are filled with the wet paint of expansion. We don’t believe that. Just like we don’t believe we expand in storms. All kinds of storms. Nature shows us how we react in storms. People die in storms, and death means the end to us. But storms also create a transformation of consciousness. Nature highlights that transformation by dividing itself into four seasons. We go through different psychological storms that break down our bodies and poison our minds. We create those psychological storms in order to experience and feel them in this reality. Our imagination never fails us in a storm or in the calm.

The recent election has created a storm for many people. The thought of a New York businessman as president is a scary one for many people. This election created a mental storm, and that storm is colored with fear, anger, joy, betrayal, and sadness. All of that energy is floating around the planet, and it will manifest in all of us, in some way.

This is not the first time that someone was elected with a hidden agenda or a plan that goes against popular opinion. The world is more connected now. Past elections were nationalistic creations. This election was a global one. The world wants a major storm. The world wants politicians and lawyers to ride in the rumble seat of life for a while. Lawyers and politicians created a system that started off with a resourceful bang. But the bang turned into a colossal nuclear explosion of principles, and fragments of those principles are scattered like autumn’s dead leaves.

So this new storm is bringing new leaves to our psychological playground. No one knows what those leaves will look like, but we all know they will be different. We could be in the winter of our psychological season, freezing in agony from a senseless choice, or we could be heading for the hot summer begging for rain to put out the fire of overactive egos. Some of us want to create a spring shower that will make new political creations grow within us. Others want the slight touch of fall to clear the nasty legal debris that sits by and waits for a chance to infect us with unwanted political rhetoric. Whatever creation we choose one thing is certain. We will all experience this new age election in our own way, and we will all expand from the psychological season we choose.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Individual Mental Patterns

There’s a great deal of talk about climate change. Some people deny the fact that people are influencing that change. That’s okay. Believing that it is not happening doesn’t stop the planet from expanding and growing into another version of itself by using us. The planet is more conscious of what we do than we are. And there is a reason for that.

Religion has not been very kind to us. When there is talk about individual invisible mental patterns, religion credits God, especially when things happen that can’t be explained. That’s okay too. But our individual mental patterns do exist just like climate change. Our ideas can’t be denied or credited to some unknown force even though those ideas can’t be located anywhere in the body or brain. Scientists probing the brain have yet to discover one idea in a genius or a fool. But we all have ideas, and we create a lot of stuff using them.

I say religion hasn’t been kind to us because our individual mental patterns have been compromised by religion. Our ideas are filled with thoughts and feelings. Ideas do impact how mankind is organized in any given segment of time. The ideas created by the individual mental patterns of every person alive contribute to the psychic atmosphere of the planet. The seasons, floods, and other natural disasters are the products of the collective ideas, thoughts, and emotions of every person alive. But we don’t believe that, and that’s okay. We believe God is behind those ideas. According to most religions, God creates the psychic atmosphere, not us.

And therein lies the conundrum. Many of our beliefs are rooted in religion, and many of those beliefs help us deal with the complicated as well as false perceptions that have been tattooed into our psyche. And, those beliefs impact the psychic atmosphere we live in. On one hand, we ignore our individual mental patterns in order to conform to religious dogma, and on the other hand, we question why God has done something irrational like electing Donald Trump or killing thousands of people during an earthquake or flood.

But we are moving, like the earth is moving, to another state of awareness. As we get closer to that state, many of the old beliefs are falling from our religious tree of life. New ideas are brewing, and those ideas are tearing the religious created shroud off of God. What we believe is, awareness is the work of individual mental patterns that influence the mass consciousness. Religion has separated us from those mental patterns for thousands of years. Our mental patterns are responsible for what we experience in any reality.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Other Corners Of Our Canvas

Creativity has no use for barriers or compartments. Life is creative art. Life is the opened ended canvas on which we paint. We use ideas, impulses, perceptions, and thoughts to express our creativity on that canvas. Thanks to those tools, we inhibit and compartmentalize our painting. But even though we mark our canvas with beliefs that become facts, there is a part of our canvas that escapes into other realms of awareness that defy space and time. There is a framework of eternal creativity where a part of us still paints, but our objective painting blocks us from sensing our expressions there. The greater life of every creature exists in that framework. That framework is an ever spiraling state of existence where our painting and all paintings are constantly changing.

We use knowledge to help create what we experience. Knowledge is automatically changed by the auspices of each consciousness that perceive it. Knowledge is translated into specific details on our canvas. But an emotional brush also appears from the inner realm of this spiraling state of existence that adds color and depth to every canvas. Religions help explain that state of existence using specific details and those details put a barrier around our creativity. The emotional realization of our extended creativity is barricaded in a corner of our canvas. Intellectual knowledge keeps our connection to other states of existence in that corner, so we change knowledge to suit that corner of our painting.

What and how we paint is also questioned by the aspect of the self that exists in that knowledge filled corner. But there are other corners of our canvas that allow us to expand our creativity and the canvas itself. Those other corners are portions of our consciousness that are carried to other states of existence that are far from dark, lonely and chaotic. They are also much different than the concepts of nothingness and nirvana. Those states are where different kinds of consciousness meet, communicate, and paint on their canvas and ours.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Living In The Wake Of A Wrong Public Myth

Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist, writer and lecturer wrote those words. Myths are like a womb. Facts are born from myths. Myths are a natural psychic element. When they are combined with other psychic elements, the result of that marriage is the foundation of organized civilizations. When we accept myths, we call them facts. We also call them truths, and they become the measuring sticks for our experiences. Myths are psychic dramas that unfold, and then produce a theater filled with various realities. Our myths form the patterns that shape our world.

Myths are natural phenomena that develop in another framework of our consciousness. Religions, science, politics and all of our institutions are products of our psychic myths. We like to mold myths to suit our ever-changing beliefs, intents, and perceptions. We like to standardize our myths, and when that happens, we tie them to the world of facts. Facts are handy, but they are a weak representation of reality, so we begin to misread the original myth. When myths become too factual, they become less real because the energy within those factual myths becomes constrained. Facts identify some experiences as real and other experiences as unreal.

Our psychic myths exist in a framework where all possibilities dwell. That framework creates myths like the ocean creates grains of sand. Facts are reinforced by symbols and emotional perceptions. Those associations dilute original psychic myths. The current election is an example of two of those diluted myths. One factual myth is competing against another factual myth, and the facts constantly change based on beliefs and perceptions of the people presenting those myths.The right myth may be the wrong one, and wrong myth may be the right one in politics because the original myth changes due to the mass emotional perceptions, facts, and symbols that mingle with current political myths.

The notion that myths are public dreams and dreams are private myths is a fact that explains why individuals live in a reality where they want to be right living in the wake of a wrong public myth.

Friday, September 30, 2016

A Sticky Atmosphere Of Doubt

“Government is a tool that helps bring out the best in people.” Confucius, the moral and political sage, wrote those words in Chinese more than 3,000 years ago. He also said people should have respect for government, and they should rely on the governmental processes for leadership.

When people lose faith in government, they lose faith in themselves and a state of confusion takes over. That state manifests in different ways. Rather than ruling by virtue, governments become bogged down by conflicting opinions about justice, equality, and moral behavior. A government that has lost the faith of the people is a tumultuous melting pot of radical judgments and civil insolence. Right becomes a distorted vision of disjointed opinions and a rebellious epiphany of religious servitude.

Faith is riddled with doubts, and when a government displays the moral arrogance to develop its own course without the support of its people, a chaotic sense of confusion is infused in the egos of loyal individuals. That mental anguish manifests in irrational behavior that covers the government in a sticky atmosphere of doubt. A government in doubt protects itself with perceived projections that complicate the correction. The correction is the demise of the unfaithful aspect of government, and the birth of a more meaningful order that embraces the people and the morality of the times.

Morality is an ever changing judgment. The clashing moralities of candidates for a government position project the character and the chaos that exists in the mass consciousness. We are at the doorstep of a deposition where the old government figureheads are replaced with the catalyst for a monumental expansion of mental manifestations. Those mental enzymes will implement the true meaning of the words justice, equality and moral behavior once again. This election is the first step in that mental process.

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Edge Of The Spear Of Destiny

We live on the edge of our self-created spear of destiny. Quantum physics is changing the belief about destiny as well as reality. There isn’t just one reality. There are unlimited realities within the mind. The intangible, yet conceivable, mind is a creative laboratory where beliefs become truths and truths become reality. Our laboratory continuously inputs, dissects, discerns, and changes our beliefs about our individual reality, and we live our destiny in each moment of every experience. Time is the measurement of our physical experiences in a particular reality. Time will speed up or slow down as our mental laboratory processes our desires, expectations, and vacillating beliefs. Destiny is a moldable experience fill with the energy of our own minds. There is no superior force greater than the purity that exists in the multidimensional soul or mind.

Everything begins with a thought from the mind. The image of God, religion, politics, and other organized beliefs are mind-creations fueled by the energy of consciousness. Consciousness has no form, but it assumes many forms in order to expand the awareness of the mind. God is the action of conscious energy that exists in the mind. There is no limit to the energy that projects aspects of consciousness into various realities. Limitations are self-created roadblocks form by contrasting beliefs that develop through education, and restrictive observations.

Objectivity rules in our mass reality. Subjectivity is delegated to religious belief and those beliefs form the edge of a self-created spear of destiny. We believe we should be saved by some superior source, and we should repent for being born. But that superior source is an element of the mind, and repentance is a controlling religious created belief. We move from reality to reality in a never-ending creative cycle in order to feel the brilliance of the mind as it sprinkles thoughts from its well of the now.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Nothingness Of Perfection

We think Perfection eludes us, so we set our own standards for perfection. We value those standards and considered the people that achieve that perfection above average, gifted, and special. Our version of perfection is flawlessness. We want to be free from the shackles of humanity, and our perfect standards provide a sense of release. Our quest for perfection gives us meaning, a bar to climb over, a mission to accomplish, and the feeling of achievement. It gives us movement, and our standard of perfection is always moving. Identifying perfection is easy when that perfection is measured objectively. Measuring perfection with the religious version of perfection erases our accomplishments and that version brings us back to the unworthiness that surrounds our belief system.

The old saying that “no one is perfect” is based on our old belief system. That saying should be, “Perfect in the action of consciousness.” Perfect means finished, final, the ultimate and the complete. But as we expand through this world we realize that nothing is final or complete. There is always something else that compliments, touches, or influences our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions. There is always something else that moves, grows or metastasizes into another choice or perception. The universe moves and expands in its perfection, the plant and animal kingdoms expand in their perfection, and our thoughts expand in our perfection. Perfection is consciousness. Our ever-expanding consciousness holds everything in the nothingness of perfection.