Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bleeding Scars

The Crusty Fog Of Decadence Had A Plan.

Augustus Had One Too.

Spuriously Fragile, Foolishly Intoxicated

Ego’s Contrivance Rushed In On Waves Of Glut.

While Tongue Lashing Got The Partisans Flu

From Bleeding Scars Fertilizing The Zoo.

Confounding Petulance Compliments Of Orange-Filled Poo.

 Void Of Equal Measures, Red, White, And Blue Sat In Catabolic Hysteria

While The Crusty Fog Of Decadence Taught The Scars

 A Thing Or Two.

H.T. Manogue

From: Echoes From The Wind

Release date 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Baneful Brew

Seas Of Doubt Yearn For Splendor.

 Father’s Glory Tells No Story,

When Coin Delights And Freedom Fights

To Save Its Inner Glue.

Build The Walls, Stack The Benches.

Constitutional Questions Fog Perceptions

When Judges Drink A Baneful Brew.


From: Echoes From The Wind
 Release Date: 2020

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Moments Of Allowance

Moving Through Experiences

With The Force Of Consciousness

Brings Time To A Moment

Where All Love And Lovers Exist.

 Embracing Intense Diversity, 

The Lovers Rejoice In Creative Synchronicity.

Dressed In Heat Filled Synchronicity,

 Lovers Capture Time In Moments Of Allowance,

 And Toast Another Year.

Happy New Year!  

Moments Of Allowance

H. T. Manogue

From: Echoes From The Wind

2020 Release Date

Friday, December 20, 2019

Family Trance

Family Trance Uncles And Aunts,

Santa Wears Baggy Pants.

Holiday Wishes Energy Kisses

Love’s Our Music Man.

Credit Card Stew, Destiny’s Flu.

Overboard Shuffle, Candy Coated Truffles

Life’s Inner Brew Is Calling You.

Another Tree, God Bless Thee.

In a Haze, New Year’s Rage.

Black Eyed Peas Power Seeds

Harmony Bees Are Calling,


Mental Notes, Hearts That Soak

Physical Matter’s

Overactive Bladder.

Glory Be. Enlightened Me.

Time Is Clear Change Is Here

Family Trance, A Yearly Dance.

Grooving In The Beat

Of Love’s Music Man.

Family Trance

H.T. Manogue

From: Echoes From The Wind

Release Date: 2020

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Circling The Drain

The Backside Of The Law Started Circling The Drain.

The Orange Colored Rumpster Made The Elephants Dare To Bare The Comedic Notes Of Worthy Hares.

That Run In Tandem With Blank Stares.

The Ego-Stroking Rumpster Had A Midas Touch.

That Wiggles And Screams As Herds Of Jacks Split Hares,

And Break Themselves In Two.

But The Backside Of The Law Keeps Circling The Drain.

Dripping A Homegrown Mixture. And A Nasty Stench.

From A Rumpster Filled With Mobster Mensch.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Code Of Silence Tests The Walls Of Freedom.

Tattered Beliefs Slip Through Partisan Clouds

As Aspects Of Those Beliefs Dance In Rhombic Disorder

Looking For A Right Angle

A Code Of Silence

From: Echoes From The Wind

Release Date 2020

H.T. Manogue

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Shivers Of Logic

The mind made to work, ever since the awakening of the intellect, under the strictest discipline of logical dualism, refuses to shake off its imaginary cangue. It has never occurred to us that it is possible for us to escape this self-imposed intellectual limitation; Indeed, unless we break through the antithesis of “yes” and “no” we can never hope to live a real life of freedom.

And the soul has always been crying for it, forgetting that it is not after all so very difficult to reach a higher form of affirmation, where no contradicting distinctions obtain between negation and assertion.

To speak in the abstract, the idea is to reach a higher affirmation than the logical antithesis of assertion and denial. Ordinarily, we dare not go beyond an antithesis just because we imagine we cannot. Logic has so intimidated us that we think and shiver whenever its name is mentioned.

D. T. Suzuki, Professor of Buddhist Philosophy at Otani University was born in Japan in 1901. Suzuki influenced the work of Thomas Merton, Aldous Huxley, and other thinkers who pushed the envelope of logic to its breaking point within them. Logic, according to D.T. is a belief worthy of dissection and exposure.

Logic is the study of the principles of valid demonstration and inference. It is what Webster calls correct reasoning or valid deduction or induction. Valid usually means something binding and in compliance with laws. We believe in logic. It is one of the building blocks for our physical energy personality’s belief system.

But our inner energy personality does not recognize logic or time. Our inner personality expands in a stream of connected non-physical consciousness where form is unnecessary. Since time is the duration of objects, there’s no need for time in some other dimensions of consciousness.

Consciousness or the action of energy creates experiences in more than one reality at a time. Obviously, Seth and other non-physical energy personalities don’t exist in the logic we believe. That belief blocked part of our multidimensional personality from physically experiencing experiences that do not conform to our version of logic. We gave out inner personality or soul to the Kings of Separatism, religions.

Kant claimed logic is really the science of judgment. Judgment rules in a world of separation. Professor Suzuki used Zen to connect to his inner energy personality. But he didn’t call it that. He called it a higher affirmation of his soul. He reaffirmed his connection with that part of his multidimensional consciousness through Buddhism.

Suzuki knew his inner personality or soul could give him the guidance to reach his higher affirmation without the need for logic. Our inner personality expands as we expand in awareness. And as our physical and inner energy personalities vibrate in harmonic awareness, a psychological union occurs.

In that flow of psychological consciousness, we create experiences that bring Seth and other non-physical energy personalities into our dimension of reality. We create them because they are aspects of our consciousness. Our inner energy personality has many aspects to its energy.

At some point in physical time, our awareness will expand enough to accept the fact we are non-physical energy personalities experiencing a physical reality that gives us each the opportunity to create an individual reality that helps our inner personality expand in other dimensions of consciousness.

The shivers of logic fade when we realize we create our belief about logic. And we constantly change that belief as we become more aware of the non-physical energy personality that is us.