Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Psychic Patterns

There are certain periods in history that grab our attention and expand our awareness. We are experiencing one of those periods right now. We are becoming more aware of our cellular identity, and we have heightened awareness of our ability to create what we experience. A good example of that ability is the current presidential race in the United States and the UK’s choice to leave the European Union. Concepts of who we are must be expanded if we expect the human race to reach its full potential. The evolution of our consciousness is playing out before our eyes, and most of us are shocked by the chain of events that are forming a link to a future reality filled with psychic blueprints and dramas. The players in these dramas were chosen by us from a well of inner wisdom that sees the shape that our physical psychic will take in the coming years.

Just like a snake that frees itself from skin that no longer fits its image, we are throwing off psychic patterns that have become rigid and stale. We are developing new psychic patterns that will propel our species into a future filled with great deeds, new heroes, and challenges. We are creating a new creative drama by casting off belief structures that we have outgrown. We are thawing our frozen senses and recognizing that our unfrozen sense perceptions bring new possibilities and exciting adventures in consciousness.

The status quo that has reigned for years in our governments and religions are melting in the heat of our awakening, and those institutions are trying to preserve their existence in order to maintain the self-image they have created. But that self-image is no longer valid in a reality that is rooted in more than five senses.

We are pushing the psychic envelope where consciousness creates more of itself by challenging its ability to expand to achieve value fulfillment. The value of that fulfillment is measured in awareness not time. When we begin to measure the self in awareness instead of time, we will reach another plateau in our human existence.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Form Of Protest

The recent attacks in Europe and the United States, as well as the horrific wars that are being waged around the world, are having a dynamic impact on our global society. The survivors of those attacks and wars wonder why they were spared the final curtain. The families of the loved ones that perished in these mass events wonder why the tragedies hit so close to home. Our religions don’t really explain why these events happen. The explanations for these events usually have something to do with God. Religions tell us to have faith and believe there is a greater message in the pain and suffering that the people left behind manifest, and then experience for years to come.

Religious notions are partly right about mass suicides, killings, plagues and wars, but God, the supreme being we have created through these faith vehicles, has nothing to do with them. In this reality, we create our individual social, economic and biological situations as well as the mass events that take place. Social, economic and biological factors are involved in these tragic events, but there are other factors in place at different levels of consciousness that put these events together. The purpose of all these individual deaths that occur at the same time and place is to express a mass statement. In one sense, these deaths represent a protest to the particular time they occur. Each individual has private, esoteric reasons for participating, and those reasons vary from one individual to another. But all the individuals want their death to serve a purpose that is greater than their private reasons. Each individual wants the survivors to question the conditions of the time, and then do something positive to change the way we perceive ourselves.

Mass deaths are a learning tool as well as a gift from the individuals that chose to end their physical existence in a mass event. We have never been taught to understand death and its meaning. Fear always gets in the way. But at some level in our non-physical existence, we all choose how and when we will leave this reality. We all want to experience other realities or relive this one with certain alterations that conform to our beliefs. Every death leaves an imprint on physical knowing. Every death is a form of protest as well as a form of growth. In legal terms, the definition of protest is the declaration of an objection and a reservation of rights. Mass deaths are the ultimate public demonstration of our right to die to change objective beliefs about being human.

Friday, June 3, 2016

A Hybrid Notion

Life is a cooperative venture, and the objective is value fulfillment. Humans exist in this reality because of the cooperation that exists in our cells. Value fulfillment is a physical as well as a psychological propensity, and it exists in all forms of consciousness. Our cells don’t compete with each other nor do the other forms of consciousness in our chosen reality. Animals may fight for food, but those battles are value fulfillment choices, not competitive battles. The earth is in a constant state of change not to destroy itself but to move toward another aspect of value fulfillment.

The notion that each individual must seek their own good at the expense of others has deep roots in the free enterprise system. That system intermingled with the Darwinian idea of survival of the fittest. Those beliefs along with individual religious and political beliefs produced a hybrid notion that our species is in competition with itself. And our species is in competition with every other species.

Man’s greedy nature is the result of our misconception about supply and demand. We treat the land as our land because we believe we are the fittest and have the right to survive at the expense of all other forms of consciousness. The concept of different countries is good, but Darwin’s principles were transferred to the economic arena. We believe man is a political animal. The transfer of those beliefs has turned the human species into the slaves of “good and evil.”

Religion and science have always denied the fact that other species have their own form of consciousness. Our beliefs put limits on the sacredness of life, and our competitiveness destroys part of the value of our existence.

The election process is a form of this hybrid notion that we are at war with each other in order to exist in peace. We must fight to make our beliefs the beliefs of others regardless of the cost to our dignity, integrity, and resourcefulness. We are idealists that look toward the future at the expense of the present. And in this process, the ideal erodes. If our cells followed the hybrid notion, our life span in this reality would not be measured in years. It would be measured in minutes.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Uneducated Education

We live in a field of probabilities, and our path in that field is not determined. The vast field of probabilities opens the door for free will. If this field of probabilities didn’t exist, the probable events and actions we encounter would have no meaning. In other words, our choices would have no meaning. The other interesting fact about this field of probabilities is our molecules and cells react to it in their own way.

Through our conscious choices, we make an impact on the mass reality. The mass reality is composed of multitudinous choices. Choices are rooted in impulses. Impulses are the urges that create action, so choices are the decisions we make from the various impulses we create. Many of our impulses are conscious ones, but there are impulses that come from deep within the psyche. Each cell in the body feels these impulses toward action and a response and some form of communication results from that feeling. We are taught not to trust our impulses, and that creates the stress that blocks the free flow of action. That action is the force of energy that circulates through the bodies and consciousness of all things.

Our impulses come from a bank of information and knowledge. We overlook that bank when we learn the how our objective world functions. This bank’s knowledge is innate, spontaneous and can automatically be received by the cells in the body if it is not blocked by the uneducated education we receive from our educational system.

Impulses are a response, and if these responses are not restricted by fear or some radical belief system they always protect our best interest. The deep distrust in impulses is the result of our training to trust reason and intellect instead of impulses. Our reasoning and intellectual process are also spontaneous, but they are overshadowed by our belief system. Our belief system is tainted by an assortment of man-made fallacies. Beliefs impact our ability to follow the avenue of natural, private expressions. That means the excertion of our natural mental and physical power is restricted. The world we see and feel around us is a product of the distorted awareness of our innate impulses.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mosaics Of Consciousness

Understanding the underlying mosaics of consciousness in the rapid current of time is not on our to-do list. In a reality where religious and political influences and associations take precedence, we overlook the fact that we are products of an inner reality that began before birth and will continue after death. We like to create stories about this inner world that are filled with good and evil intents just like the intents in the world we create while we focus on this reality.

The pristine uniqueness of our inner consciousness is passed through this focused measuring sieve, and we only recognize the elements of the conscious self that suit our beliefs. But the mind still moves in and out of probable selves to experience these other left-out aspects of our pristine identity. The reason the mind leaves them out of our focus is those identities often seem contradictory, and they may even invalidate each other.

The mosaics of our consciousness are not like the small segments of shiny sizes and shapes we identify as mosaics. Consciousness mosaics are energy-filled blasts of awareness that travel through millions of spectrums. These mosaics are electromagnetic impulses that are filled with particles of awareness that bounce through time’s simultaneous structure and land on the psychic bridges in the mind. They connect the self as it seems to the self as it always is. These residents of the mind are real, and in a way, they are our parents more than our parents are. When we recognize them and feel them, we are experiencing our ability to maneuver through the maze that produces the eternal growth of our innate identity.

We have “power selves” within us that utilize the energy in our mosaics in constructive ways, and our personality reflects the use of that energy in some way. We feel an incredible amount of ambition and creativity in that energy. Feeling these mosaics and accepting them allows the self to be more than one drop in the ocean of consciousness.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Psychic Soul

It seems the psychic information is emerging more and more, and it is dressed in the deeply rooted beliefs of each individual. We might call the psychic the soul. The psychic soul always expresses its vitality and purpose by manifesting itself in new and unique ways that produce a plethora of experiences for every individual. The objective reality is a manifestation of the psychic soul’s subjective reality. The exuberance it projects in the process is the physical action of consciousness. The psychic soul in each individual is filled with the thrust of energy from which all life springs. The soul seeks value fulfillment through the creation of social civilizations. The value fulfillment comes from the social contact that actualizes its potential. As the individual become aware of the potential within the psychic soul, the potential in others is also actualized. The psychic soul produces dreams, and when there is no response to these dreams, a type of private religion is created.

In essence, religion is an objective activity through which individuals attempt to discover the meaning of life. It is a mental construction rooted in the psychic soul. Man has come up with many names and an assortment of rules and beliefs for this mental construction, but regardless of those influences, religion still represents man’s connection with a deeper universe. That universe is lodged in the psychic soul. We search outward in order to remember we are one with the psychic soul, and that has created organized religion.

Fact and fiction are intertwined in organized religions. The facts and fiction in religion represent a combination of beliefs about the meaning of life. But the meaning of life is more about the value fulfillment of the psychic soul than the continuance of fragmented thoughts about the nature of consciousness in organized religions.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fanatical In Nature

The latest growth of fundamentalist religion is an authoritarian attempt to regulate the ideas and perceptions of others. The fundamentalists accept literal interpretations instead of allowing the inner self to guide their thoughts and actions. Literal interpretations narrow the road through which intuition travels, and the result is an unhealthy view of the world. The other fundamentalists that are pulling in another direction cause the fault lines in the objective reality to collide and the result is an emotional earthquake. The fanatical aftershocks replace expansion with destruction. This fundamentalist view of reality isn’t one sided. All religions are fundamentally fanatical in nature.

Over the last 2,000 years, Christ's message has been dipped in egotistical and fanatical rituals that serve man, not God. Christ’s message was every man and women is inherently good and each is an individualized portion of the divine. But a civilization based on that message has never materialized. Our social structure is based man’s sin-ridden nature. Religious organizations have not allowed man to become good. There is always a part of man that is immersed in sin, and that idea construction creates the sin.

It’s almost a sacrilege to say man is free from sin. The righteous depend on sin to control others. Trusting the fabric of our inner being is viewed as a contradiction to God’s law when the fabric of our being is the only law. When the only law we trust is covered in flaws, it is hard to feel the beauty within us.

We are part of the beauty of nature. We are the part that has learned to make choices and the part that automatically produces dreams and beliefs from out imagination. From those perceptions, we organize our reality. It is the reality we call sane. But is that reality really sane, or is it sinful fanaticism in nature?