Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Whirlpool Of Influences

There are no mistakes. The events you bring upon yourself, no matter how unpleasant, they are they are necessary in order to learn what you need to learn. Whatever step you take, is necessary to reach the place you’ve chosen to go.

Richard Bach wrote that thought in his book Messiah’s Handbook. Bach reminds us that our mistakes are filled with creativity. They open the door for unforeseen probabilities that change the course of our life. We learn from all our thoughts and actions. The actions we call mistakes are nothing more than a choice that conflicts with our belief in right and wrong. The words right and wrong are associations, and they are connected to our belief structure.

We don’t know where we are going in this life until we get there. We often get there and still don’t know where we are. Our beliefs hinder us from knowing the meaning of the phrase, “where we are going.” In one sense, we never go anywhere. All things come to us through our probability bank. We act out our chosen probabilities and mix them with a seasoned cup of time. That mixture creates our waking reality. As we stir this mixture with thoughts and emotions, we feel the creations that develop from the electromagnetic concoctions that dress our ego. We live in a whirlpool of influences and associations that mold our awareness.

Awareness is where we are going. We never get to the point where we stop expanding. We are always in motion, but we never go anywhere. We are right where we choose to be as we wait to experience another whirlpool of influences.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Private Oracle

Being part of an open-ended universe, we are part of an open-ended mind. The knowledge of the living mind comes after your living mind becomes open-ended.

J.J. Hurtak wrote those words in his 1973 Book, Keys Of Enoch. Hurtak’s book of knowledge examines the puzzles of life. The book claims there must be greater unity between scientific and spiritual mindsets. Without this unity, issues that concern the known and unknown reality will continue to be tossed around in a soup of objective confusion. The unknown reality, dreams, the spin of electrons and the blueprint of this reality are intimately related. Our personal lives are created and changed from the interrelationship of these phenomena. We fail to realize that our free will is dependent on the multidimensional behavior of electrons and the nature of probabilities.

The unpredictable behavior of our unknown reality is not in a state of chaos. Order arises from the creative elements within unpredictability. Our unpredictability assures uniqueness. Unpredictability is the opposite of predictive motion. No course is irrevocably set beyond change. An open-ended mind, the psyche or what we call our subjective awareness assures us that no action is set beyond alteration. But we only focus on our objectivity so we don’t believe we can alter anything.

The exploration of our open-ended mind reveals contours of subjectivisms that highlight our latent inner knowledge. We do explore these contours in the dream state, but the symbols we use to describe these psychic trips fall short. We intentionally forget to understand our inner data.

We tune into our private oracle every night. Our private oracle is the voice of our multidimensional self. That self is the part of us that is not totally contained in our personhood. It functions outside of space and time. It deals with all probabilities, and it is the source of all of our probable actions. It contains the secrets of the open-ended universe and the teachings of our dream-art scientist, our true mental physicist and our complete physician.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Woman knows what Man has long forgotten, that the ultimate economic and spiritual unit of any civilization is still the family.

Claire Booth Luce the American editor, playwright, congresswomen, journalist and ambassador was way ahead of her time in terms of social awareness and moral responsibility. Her words about the family are not new, but they do take a back seat when the ego becomes more than a just portion of the personality. Confucius, and others like him said the same thing in their time, and just like Luce their words fell on deaf ears. The word family loses its real meaning when our quest for power becomes fanaticism. It seems science as well as religion promotes that form of family. We let our beliefs mold us in their fanatical image.

The family unit is more complex than we believe. Its complexity confuses us, so we seek help to understand it. That help comes in the form of influences and associations, and they attach themselves to our ego. We create a story around these so called family truths, and we make them real. We then experience a hybrid family from our expanded, but distorted ego, and it becomes our truth. Our truth is a jumbled set of distortions, and we own and live them.

Our perceptions become actions. Perceptions change what they act upon. The family is not what we feel it is when we have distorted perceptions, and they become beliefs. But these distorted ideas of family do serve a purpose. We begin to see our self through the lens of a compromise family, and that awareness creates a need for change.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


‘Tis very strange men should be so fond of being thought wickeder than they are.

Daniel Defoe the 18th-century English merchant and author wrote those words in his book System of Magick. We are taught to believe we are wicked. Our religion tries to save us from our self, but as Defoe points out, there is nothing wicked about us. We exit the womb with a relatively clean slate in terms of wickedness, but it doesn’t take long for the antiquated beliefs of our forefathers corrupts our mental cleanliness.

The religious gurus tell us to give up the vices of the flesh and the desires that make us human. They dip themselves in a virtual steam bath that drives creativity and individuality from their minds. They immerse themselves in a euphoric state of being where their physical experience is washed down the drain of sanity, and into the clogged pipes of a self-created limbo. A part of the entity they believe is beyond the boundaries of the flesh is no longer experiencing the diversity that expands the awareness of a portion of its self. Their human individuality is placed on hold.

Our individuality is our spiritual badge. It never tarnishes from our desires. Wickedness is an association with a belief. Once we become aware of what we believe, we can change or reject a belief. We have more beliefs than we realize we have, and we have less wickedness that we believe we have.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Unframed Canvas

A certain day became a presence to me. There it was, confronting me. The sky, air, light: A being. And before it started to descend from the height of noon, it leaned over and struck my shoulder as if with the flat of a sword, granting me honor and a task.

Denise Levertov, the British-born poet, author and teacher reminds us that in every day, and in each moment of every day, there is a rebirth of who we are. There are an infinite number of events within the official series of events we recognize at any given instant, and each event we choose from that well of probable actions changes who we are. We are the result of all the choices and decisions we made up to this point in time.

Our world has always been complicated, but our technology is adding more complications while it retires some of the old ones. Technology increases the number of probable actions every day, and that means our choices and decisions multiply. As the world becomes smaller in terms of travel, communication and awareness we become less attuned to predictive actions, and more attuned to unpredicted results of our expanded vat of probabilities. Our past associations merge with our present reality and new patterns form from our actions.

Each day is an unframed canvas of probabilities. Endless probabilities and actions mingle on our personal canvas. We use the canvas like a painter who doesn’t know what to paint until the brush touches the paint. Once we touch our special canvas, we find our self in its mixture.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reality Is Singular As Well As Plural

One of the challenges of your adventure on earth is to rise above dead systems. Dead systems like wars, religions, and opposing nation destruction is to refuse to be a part of them, and express instead the highest self.

Richard Bach writes some very interesting thoughts in his book The Messiah’s Handbook. We have created a very complex system of survival of the fittest. We use our social structures to define us, and if others don’t agree with our view of reality we try to destroy them in one way, or another. This behavior has been going on for centuries. The sad news is we still condone this method of establishing our dominance over others. In fact, we celebrate it.

We expect to fight as we move through time. Solving issues without some conflict is irrational thinking. Fighting is in our DNA, and we pin it to our ego like a medal of honor. But as Bach points out, that antiquated thinking is coming to an end. The end will not be tomorrow, next week or next year. The end of this madness won’t come this decade or the next, but it will come as the 21st century ends. At that point, we will begin to realize how connected we all are. The enemy is not across an ocean or in front of a computer. There is no enemy until we create one. As creators, we deposit part of our consciousness in our creations. Then our creations begin to form some version of creativity. Our reality is a composite of our personal and mass creations. Reality is singular as well as plural. We are what we project so what we see is a version of what we believe.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pure Family Identity

Pure identity has no form. Identity is composed of energy. It takes up no space and no time. Even the smallest particle is inviolate. It may grow, develop, change alliances or organizations and combine itself with other identities. Separate identities can merge with others in a give-and-take gestalt in which the overall intent is extremely clear. The earth represents the most exquisite physical, spiritual and psychic cooperation.

Jane Roberts in her 1979 book The Unknown Reality Volume II opens the door of hard-to-answer questions, and we shake our head in amazement. There are certainly more questions than answers when it comes to identity, but we like to ignore the questions and rely on faith. Why we like to do the things we do, and why we act the way we do are questions for the experts. We don’t have time to answer questions about our thoughts and actions. We let someone else do that for us. Ken Wilbur and other psychologists have a good idea why we act and do things in a certain way, but they start their analysis at birth. Roberts explains our identity before birth.

Trying to comprehend what we did before birth is certainly esoteric thought at its finest. But what if the reality or realities we experienced before and after exiting from the womb were related to a psychic family of some kind. Perhaps we all have essence families that provide the source energy we need to emerge into this space-time reality. The word family, in our belief system, denotes the foundation for our social, religious, political, economic and legal system. So, in a sense, our psychic family would be a rainbow of consciousness which blends intents into a cohesive, but diverse cultural modality. Each color in the rainbow would represent a family, but the colors would gradually blend in with other as the associations and influences within our belief system change and expand.

Several people have written about these psychic families, and the consensus is there are nine basic families with an infinite number of sub-families that emerge as our beliefs intermingle from reality to reality. That means we may have characteristics of more than one of these families in this reality. Roberts lists the characteristics, colors and names of the nine basic families in this reality this way:

Sumafi (Su-ma’-fi) (Seers) Black

Milumet (Mil’-u-met) (Watchers) Red

Gramada (Gra-ma’-da) (Formers) Orange

Vold (Vold) (Hearers) Yellow

Ilda (Il’-da) (Tellers) Green

Sumari (Su-ma’-ri) (Speakers) Blue

Tumold (Tu’-mold) (Readers) Indigo

Zuli (Zu’-li) (Imagers) Violet

Borledim (Bor’-le-dim) (Bearers) Pink

It’s important to note that we are not born into a specific family. We magnate to a family through our intent before birth just like metal is drawn to a magnet. We could change families, or we could be drawn to family to experience a certain event or intent. It’s important to know that all essence families have individuals that display characteristics of other families so families do incorporate qualities of each other. Here is a short description of each family.

The Sumafi Family focuses on teaching. It incorporates teachers of every element and every subject of our existence. Many individuals in this family are connected with universities or museums. They may be religious or government leaders. They can be found in any area of society that relates to teaching.

The Milumet Family focuses of spiritualism and mysticism. This Family is usually found in primitive tribes around the globe, but not always. They do not concern themselves with social or political involvement. Their focus is seeking the truth, so they hold an extraordinary connection with animals and nature.

Members of The Gramada Family are creative organizers and initiators. They are artists, musicians, physicists and architects. They are initiators of modern ideas that come from another area of consciousness.

The Void Family focuses on reform. They have no interest in the status quo. They change themselves, government locations and the elements around them. They want to change the world. This family is a passionate, restless and emotional group. They can connect with others thanks to their tremendous understanding and compassion. They have precognitive abilities and have a strong sense of knowing.

Members of The Ilda Family are very likable and extremely verbal. They are great communicators and love to travel. They are our seaman, merchants, gypsies and any individuals that travel and exchange ideas about cultural habits. They are colorful individuals and they mingle with all levels of society.

Sumari Family members are spiritual, playful and creative. They are doers that incorporate action in every field they choose. They are independent and are not shy or introverted. They do not align with religions, government or particular societies. They are the rebellious group. They are the non-conforming initiators.

Members of The Tumold Family are the healers. These individuals are in the medical profession, or they may be mystical or cultural healers. These people may be physical, psychological or spiritual healers. They are found in all walks of life.

The Zuli Family are performers and athletes. They have a deep appreciation for the beauty within physical form, but they are preoccupied with the physical body. They understand how it works, and they can manipulate it and form living art. Their mind and bodies are deeply connected.

Members of The Borledim Family primary focus is creating new individuals. They are very family-oriented, and excellent parents. They take great care, and nurture balanced centered individuals. They help produce individuals for other essence families. The Borledim family possess understanding affection and tremendous patience. They can align with another essence family to produce the stock for that family.