Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Endless Choices

Notice how each particle moves.

Notice how everyone just arrived here

From a journey.

Notice how each wants a different food.

Notice how the stars vanish as the sun comes up,

And how all streams stream toward the ocean.

Look at the chefs preparing special plates

For everyone, according to what they need.

Rumi's words in the book The Essential Rumi by former University of Georgia professor Coleman Barks are a lot. Everyone translates Rumi’s poems in their own way.

Noticing things that are outside of our belief system can be a difficult task. Most humans overlook what happens internally when a new experience changes their objective world. All experiences alter present perceptions. And the choices within those perceptions change our cellular network.

Our choices occur in a private psychic blueprint of consciousness. The blueprint contains particles of consciousness (perceptions and probabilities) that prepare for new experiences. The blueprint is not stationary because these inner perceptions and probabilities fill with endless choices that expand continuously. People choose the perceptions and probabilities they want to experience.

Our cells silently work together to enhance our experiences, so we usually overlook their uniqueness. If the body experiences an injury, the cells begin to heal it. The psychic mechanisms within these blueprints of consciousness meet all challenges.

Our negative and positive thoughts about our biological cellular brotherhood change the healing process. The cells respond to our thoughts by giving each person what they believe they need in a way that goes unnoticed.

We don’t notice the inside chef preparing our experiences, but the cells do. They prepare special plates filled with what we need and focus on during our physical journey.

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