Saturday, May 23, 2009


There are no mistakes.
The events you bring upon yourself,
No matter how unpleasant,
Are necessary in order to learn
What you need to learn.

Whatever step you take,
Is necessary to reach the place
You’ve chosen to go.

Richard Bach was born in 1936. He is a direct descendant of the great composer by the same name and is the author of several very popular books. His work Jonathan Living Seagull written in the 70’s, is a good example of how Richard views physical limitations and mortality. To him they are merely appearances; illusions created by his thoughts.

Richard is explaining that every action is the result of a thought. The manifestations of thoughts are what I experience. Some of those manifestations can be brutal in terms of the physical and mental anguish I inflict on my self. I try to blame those uncomfortable scenarios on others or I try to convince my self that I am the victim of some unknown force that has control over my choices. It’s not easy to accept I am the creator of my experiences, in fact my belief system continually tells me I have no control over my physical life. Destiny or karma or faith or the lack of it makes me choose the things I experience. Responsibility is a vacillating thought as well as an action and it is based on what I accept through my filtered belief system. I have a tendency to pass responsibility off on the next guy, especially when I believe it’s the right thing to do. Judgment always surfaces when responsibility is expressed.

The point Richard is making is that regardless of the situation I find my self experiencing, I created it in order to expand in some way. Each and every experience is filled with a message and I am the receiver as well as the sender. My road is paved and maintained by me in one way or another. I fill the road with obstacles, roadblocks and accidents in order to express my self physically. I create the emotions I experience through my beliefs and the thoughts that become beliefs. There is no one else responsible for what I experience; everything is an aspect of my layer of consciousness. By accepting that truth I begin to change my choices and experiences. I am able to focus on this self and direct the energy I project, as well as receive. My physical life is a graph of vibrations that zigzag across time and space in order to expand. I don’t have to zigzag, I choose to zigzag. My choices are rooted in inner consciousness and my experiences are physical manifestations of consciousness. Everything is connected by my awareness and focus and even when I disown and ignore my own creations they continue to appear in other situations and people, until I take responsibility for the multiplicity that is expressed through these value filled illusions.

There are no mistakes, only mis-takes. Mis-takes are choices left unfilled in some way, but they always fulfill themselves as I expand. Everything is exactly as I create it and it continues to expand in some form as I expand. That’s the nature of consciousness. Thought and choices, awareness and expansion, are the ingredients that continue to pave my road for my mis-takes and my fulfillment's, in the school yard of my created realities.

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Hal said...

Your thoughts and your support are a blessing. Thank you Margrit.