Friday, June 28, 2024

Socks Chew Gum

Caught That Smell Like A Ringing Bell.

Smooth Talking Souls Have Lots Of Holes.

Reality Knows Perceptions Wear Royal Clothes.

Pull-On Those Wading Boots

Cause Socks Chew Gum

After A Bottle Of Bullshit Rum.

What’s It Take To Unlock That Pen

Inside That Mental Den?

And Get That Fright―

A Positive Set Of Lights.

H.T. Manogue

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Urban Licks

Music Comes To Pray.

When CMA Fest Lights The Day.

Hall Of Fame Is A Fiery Dame

With Slicked Black Hair And Country Flair.

Boots Kick Ass When The Beer Don’t Last.

Pickers Cook An Earful Meal.

Food Trucks Dish Double Deals.

Feasting Tastes Best

When Barbecue Has Twang

And Voices Speak Slang

Waiting For Some Steam

From A Chef Who Picks

With Urban Licks! H.T. Manogue