Monday, July 12, 2010

A World of Genius

We live in a world of genius. It surrounds, as well as fills, us with energy. Genius is defined as an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, as well as a distinctive character of spirit. This world of genius is filled with an assortment of beliefs, perceptions and expression, which manifest the experiences we live in a circular as well as linear path. Within all our experiences the element of genius thrives and expresses itself in creativity.

Our world represents expressive and intrinsical genius. We create a world within a world that conforms to a group of beliefs that are rational, collective, and conforming. We also can create a world where the character of our spirit is expressed physically by expanding our simple beliefs into more complex perceptions and desires. From this simple complexity genius appears in a variety of physical manifestations. Quantum Physics calls this manifestation consciousness.

Quantum Physics tells us everything has consciousness and it is expressed in individual as well as collective forms. It is total of all its parts, but within each part the whole exists in its entirety.

A good example of how consciousness works is a symphony. When we enter a concert hall we notice a well lit and spacious room that holds a large group of people. People are settling into specific seats to experience the particular manifestation we call music. We also notice a group of people sitting on the stage in a particular arrangement. They are in a group but seemed to be unaware of the group. Some have the same instrument in front of them, and others have one-of-a-kind instruments. There is a common thread between all these people and their instruments and that’s called the energy of music, but at this point in time they are focused on their own music and are using individual vibrations to create it.

As the audience takes their seats and looks around the hall, they see other people as well as the musicians practicing on stage. They hear musical notes filling the hall and it seems these individual notes sound nothing like the music we came to hear. The individual conversations that buzz through the audience make no sense to anyone but those expressing and listening to those thoughts.

Suddenly the lights dim, the random notes from the musicians stop, and the audience focuses on the stage and the pensive people on it. Silence permeates the concert hall and everyone within it. The conductor walks out from behind a curtain, everyone knew he would, but the random notes and what was happening around us in the concert hall, concealed his presence; his energy was always there, but we were temporarily unaware of that fact. His energy was non-physical until we became aware of him.

The audience recognizes the conductor with applauses and he bows and immediately a connection is made between his energy on stage, (which could be considered subjective energy) and the energy of the audience, (which is the objective observer.) Without saying a word in the complete silence of the moment the conductor begins to send messages to each individual on stage. Those messages are expressed in energy or the movements the conductor creates. All the random notes that were played before the conductor arrived are rearranged into another form of energy and this energy begins to tell a story. That story is expressed and experienced in a very personal way by the musicians, the audience, and the conductor.

The concert hall fills with the collective energy of music and each person connects to that energy. The audience begins to live and express this energy through their own vibrations. Each member is living that message in a different way, but the total experience is a collective one. The musical energy takes on a life of its own; it captures everyone with its vibrations and synchronicity. The concert hall reacts to the vibrations within the genius of the music and without saying a word the conductor, the orchestra, the people, and the concert hall are one in the consciousness of the music. Every aspect of consciousness within the concert hall is experiencing a form of vibrational harmony even though the room is filled with diversity. The notes that produce the music may have been played a million times before, but in that moment of collective consciousness they are expressed and experienced uniquely by all those focused on the genius within the whole, as well as the genius that each individual feels within themselves.

Outside of the walls of the concert hall there is another world that we all know and experience. In that world beliefs about separation restrict the experience of collective vibrations, but those beliefs are left at the door of the concert hall. Everyone in the hall makes a choice to experience the genius of the music they help create, and they allow it to surround them as well as totally engulf them in the awareness of a collective moment of genius.

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