Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Universal Echo

Deep In The Canyons Of Consciousness
Families Dress Themselves In Enzymes.
Nothing Expands Into A Plethora Of Particles
That Encapsulate A Wave With Unfiltered Awareness.

A Force Filled Form Of Being Manifests Itself
In Tandem With Molecules Dress As Frigates
Of Timelessness.

Elusive Probabilities Actively Dance
In The Fertility Of The Moment.
Energy is Captured In Choices
As A Web Of Being Expands Within Abundance.

Focusing Water Drops Bounce Manifestations
Off The Walls Of Remembering.
They Free Fall Into Primordial History.

Swallowing Another Reality Entrenched In Its Own Juices
Existence Eats The Cracker of Immortality
And Spits Out Another Blip Expressed As Conscious Consciousness.

Simultaneously Wisdom Speaks
In Bilingual Silence
And Our Universal Echo Reaches Eternity.

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