Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slowness of Nature

Bashfulness and apathy are a tough husk, in which a delicate organization is protected from premature ripening. It would be lost if it knew itself before any of the best souls were yet ripe enough to know and own it. Respect the slowness of nature which hardens the ruby in a million years, and works in duration, in which Alps and Andes come and go as rainbows. The good spirit of our life has no heaven which is the price of rashness. Love, which is the essence of God, is not for levity, but for total worth of man.

Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1841 essay, Friendship talks about being a friend by trusting in the self and by playing with the spirit, but our vision of the spirit has been distorted by our desire to blend in and conform to a ridged world of biased rules, regulations, and methods of discipline.

We keep searching for ascended masters and gurus to keep us in line and point the way to spirit, but in that process we lose sight of our own creativity. We become so dead serious we can’t even play mentally. We view spiritual development as a goal that must be attained through hard work, but the spirit does not need that hard work to know itself. Plants don’t work at developing their potential. They aren’t beautiful because they believe it is their responsibility to please humans.

We would not be alive in our limited terms, if we didn’t imagine ourselves alive in a given moment in time. Play is one of the most practical methods of survival for individuals as well as for species. Play provides needed rest from our distorted concepts about selfhood. Discovery comes from imagination and play; not stressful work and conforming disciplines.

Seriousness and unrelenting hard work distorts the nature of our spirit because we don’t drop our guard long enough to sense what spirit is. That wall of resistance prevents one aspect of consciousness from freely intermingling with another so we miss the Zenness of being. We become so intent on maintaining one reality we lose it by denying the creativity in playfulness.

We search for soul mates with pompous seriousness without understanding what the soul means. The soul is firmly rooted in the spirit within all that is so we’re not one part or a half of a soul searching for another part.

Emerson concept of friendship begins with the self and the psyche. The psyche is like a plant sending out seeds of itself in all directions. Each seed grows into a new plant in new conditions, and these new plants send out seeds to create new variations.

Plants use their innate creative ability to find soul mates that play in their own reality while appreciating the reality of others. That is the nature of spirit. Our Spirit and consciousness realizes the slowness of nature even when the ego is unaware of that friendship.


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