Saturday, July 23, 2011

Objective Agreement

Agreement thus turns out to be essentially an affair of leading—leading that is useful because it is into quarters that contain objects that are important. True ideas lead us into useful verbal and conceptual quarters as well as directly up to useful termini. They lead to consistency, stability and flowing human intercourse. They lead away from eccentricity and isolation, from foiled and barren thinking. The untrammeled flowing of the leading-process, its general freedom from clash and contradiction, passes for its indirect verification; but all roads lead to Rome and in the end and eventually, all true processes must lead to the face of directly verifying sensible experiences somewhere, which somebody’s ideas have copied.

William James in his 1906 essay, Pragmatism’s Conception of Truth does make sense of some of our senselessness. Leading from impulses and ideas creates physical truths and they are put together and form the foundation for reality. Those blocks seem solid until others ideas manifest between the blocks and we discover that our objective truth is a partial expression of another whole. It seems we automatically mix influences and associations with these ideas and a reality of contrast manifests.

We believe our concepts and actions are the result of a random pattern or they are a culmination of religious doctrines that have been etched into our ego. But,the leading process as James explains is a product of the creative energy within us. Source energy is constantly spewing out the ash of truth using our own active volcano of consciousness. That ash is constantly offering us parallel developments and we incorporate that energy in our time perception.

All physical manifestations are the outside structures of inner structures that lead us to our own value fulfillment. As James points out, all these inner structures lead us to the same place, which is freedom from the self- created contradictions that produce the partial truths.

We seem to be separated from everything and we clash in the effervescent water of our own perceptions, but beneath these temporal perceptions there are interwoven electromagnetic patterns that interact with each other. These patterns eventually produce a verifying process as we move through time. Our objective agreement with the self is to become aware that all ideas originate in the stream of consciousness where we create and experience those creations.

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