Tuesday, July 12, 2011

State of Ignorance

Ignorance prevails as long as the will remains cheated by its own offspring or its own image, consciousness, in which the knower always stand distinguished from the known. The cheating, however cannot last, the will wishes to be enlightened, to be free, to be by itself. Ignorance always presupposes the existence of something outside and unknown. This unknown outside is generally termed the ego or soul, which is in reality the will itself in a state of ignorance.

D.T. Suzuki is his 1926 essay Enlightenment and Ignorance throws a spotlight on the separation within the self. Separation puts beliefs in categories and experiences in action. We are educated ignorant egos that prance around different stages of reality and search for the unknown that is firmly squeezing us with energetic awareness.

We have a tendency to believe that thoughts fall off a cliff in the mind. We usually can’t hold thoughts in consciousness for very long, unless we make them beliefs, but those other thoughts that are not beliefs continue to manifest in other realities. We experience them in those other realities, but we forget them in our state of ignorance.

The true dimension of the divine we so desperately seek is unendurable for any one consciousness so the splendor that exists within it is infinitely dimensionalized. Worlds spiral outward, expanding in each moment of a cosmic breath.

Separation of worlds is a necessity so individual and mass comprehension continues to expand at a rate where the infinite is multiplied in microseconds. Past and futures and other forms of time not recognized manifest in the process. Each is a reality with its own potentials and no form of consciousness however small is ever lost.

In that framework the past and the future exist in probable worlds. Each experience creates new questions just as a writer creates new stories. We travel to new positions with the psyche constantly and we set out on new psychic pilgrimages through unknown realities within our own consciousness and experience them in some way. Thoughts that disappear create a stage where all probabilities manifest in some way.

The splendor of this reality and the creations of consciousness in physical form are just one slice of the infinite possibilities that exist within the framework of awareness, which is consciously expanding in our ignorance.

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