Monday, January 23, 2012

Fraying Attachments

It is wonderful to move To a new place every day. It is wonderful to flow Without ice and mud Everything my friends, Is gone with yesterday. All the words are gone. Now is the time to say something new.

Rumi, the 13th century poet and mystic, delivers an important message with those words. The self is constantly moving in and out different realities as we focus on one. The creative genius of consciousness is transforming our belief system constantly. We are gradually recognizing the multiplicity of the self, and sensing some aspects of our genuine self. Our genuine self has been covered by a tangled web of attachments and associations. But these self-created beliefs are fraying, and we are beginning to see beyond them. Our new age shift is all about discovering, exploring, and expressing our genuine self.

In the present shift, our passions are becoming less goal-oriented in terms of receiving egotistical self-gratification. We are beginning to pay more attention to the energy we are projecting, and the energy we are reflecting. The way we react to those reflections is changing. We are slowly sensing what we have rather than what we don’t have, or have not expressed physically. Our desires are changing the way we create our reality. We are more aware of the type of energy we are projecting, and how we react to that energy. We are feeling other aspects of self in this now, and those aspects are changing how we feel about what we are creating.

Outward expressions as well as inward feelings are more acute in this shift. Our thinking or translating process is becoming less distorted, especially when it comes to old associations and attachments. There is less separation between what we project and what we reflect, which means what we create outside is a product of our inner genuine self.

Instead of concerning our self with what is right, or wrong, or what we should do or not do, which are all goal-oriented thoughts, we are now interested in who we are and what we want to express. We are interested in exploring the self, and want to know why we want to explore it.

New explorations are not about right or wrong because there are no past associations attached to our inner discoveries. These discoveries are new within the perspective of what is known, and that perspective is seeded in the genuine self.

We are dipping our toes into an expanded ocean of awareness, and we are embarking on a new journey of discovery in that ocean. This new adventure is creating new ways to interconnect with others. We are beginning to embrace our interconnectedness, and appreciate it for the support it gives us.


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