Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where Nothing Is Done

Less and less do you need to force things, Until finally you arrive at no-action Where nothing is done, nothing is left undone… The Master does nothing Yet… leaves nothing undone.

Lao-Tzu was a philosopher and the father of the Tao. He understood the expansion of nothing. His thoughts about spiritual reality have been translated, dissected, and respected by humans for the last 2,500 years. No one is really sure what his view of nothing was, but it’s safe to say that the nothing that Lao-Tzu mentions contains the energy of consciousness without physical attributes.

Consciousness and nothing are truths. These truths extent beyond our physical dimension; they are constants, which cannot be destroyed or eliminated. These truths are true in all dimensions. Our truths are flexible and always changing. Truths in this dimension are beliefs that are firmly rooted in the absolute, and above questioned. But we always question them as we expand in awareness.

Everything is true to the believer and those beliefs continue to mutate as the consciousness of each believer continues to express and experience the essence of being physical. In that process, beliefs continue to be flexible and expedient to the believer.

Basic beliefs like religion, science, sex, relationships, perception, the senses, duplicity, physical creation, emotion, and truth, create our reality. Beliefs are like a birdcage that holds birds or influences. The birds can be called sub-beliefs. The birds or influences within the birdcage are expressed as beliefs about ethics, politics, marriage, drug use, laws, taxes etc. Those influences create other truths in our mass reality. When we focus on specific birds or influences, we discover other birds hiding behind the birds we recognize. Those beliefs also play a part in creating what we experience.

Our human experience is based on a complicated individual belief structure, so each individual experiences truth in their own way. When we begin to focus on our birdcage of beliefs, as well as the birds that mix and mingle in that cage, we realize that we are creating what we experience.

In our belief system nothing is void, blank, inert, unconscious, and empty. But in other realities, nothing is a truth that holds other truths. It is present in all dimensions, and aware of itself and all there is. The energy of nothing links physical and non-physical consciousness together in a plethora of actions. It is the force that does without doing in our reality.

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