Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reconfigured Ideas

If the doors of perception were cleansed Everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, til he sees all things thro’ narrow chunks of his own cavern.

William Blake uses his poetic prowess to open a mental window, and we begin to see the creative power we have within us. In the present, our conscious mind chooses a particular theme for our physical existence, and within that theme there are individual patterns filled with infinite resources that create our personal reality. The conscious mind embarks on this journey to translate reality into physical manifestations. The conscious mind is acutely tuned to physical reality. When the conscious mind accepts too many external generated beliefs, it chooses using the ego rather than the inner self. Our present perceptions are no longer pure input from the inner self; they are homogenized ideas that create a feeling that this reality is greater than our inner reality.

Our self-image is not unconscious; the present ego creates a physical image of us in relation to the world we actually perceive for ourselves. We are trained to perceive the ego or our own cavern, as Blake calls it, as a villain that taints our view of the inner self, but the ego is not equipped to negatively impact the inner self. The inner self is the force that changes the ego. Our present ego has a tendency to dwell on limitations, and when it does, we experience them. The inner self is always projecting a new image for the ego, but the physical senses may be so tuned into the negative results of past experiences we tune out our own inner projections.

The conscious mind can turn the ego in endless directions if the information from the inner self is accepted as real. The present ego has the ability to turn inward and observe its own content and change if it accepts its connection with the inner self and the conscious mind. There are graduations and fluctuations within this activity, so the ego is far more flexible than we believe it is. The present ego has the ability to use the conscious mind to perceive distorted internal as well as external realties using embedded beliefs. That action causes the inner self to reconfigure ideas and present them in a way that short-circuits those distorted beliefs. Some people call that process an awakening or enlightenment. Others call it mind over matter.

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