Saturday, January 12, 2013

Truth Of Consciousness

Truth for us is simply a collective name for verification-processes, just as health, wealth, strength etc., are names for other processes connected with life and also pursued because it pays to pursue them. Truth is made, just as health, wealth and strength are made, in the course of experience.

William James, in his 1907 essay, Pragmatism’s Concept of Truth explains how truth is whatever we want it to be. We design our reality around a set of beliefs that may not be true to others. The truth we call truth is flexible; it is wrapped in beliefs and changes as we alter our beliefs. There are inner truths, and they exist without beliefs. They are expressions that hold elements of significance in all areas of consciousness.

We don’t identify many of our beliefs as beliefs. We call them truths so we don’t question them. When we rely on the preconceived truths of others, we create a reality filled with judgmental convictions. We add these convictions to our accepted truths, and we experience a mass reality of sorts. We create these different realities so we can expand our awareness of physical consciousness.

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