Monday, November 11, 2013

Flutter In The Breeze

The blackbird swooped, eyes shadowing earth, dead leaves, feathers tipped with snow One finds beaches anywhere, airports, skies of snow. Perched on the ticket counter, blackbird watches the four-engine plane land, propellers stilled. Dead leaves flutter from the sky

Shinkichi Takahashi words can be interpreted in several ways. At first glance, they make no sense, but when his work is examined as Zen thought, they make perfect sense. Death is a word that brings senseless images to mind. Death to some of us is a senseless void, but to Takahashi it was another reality. A reality connected to all realities. Takahashi understood the meaning of the word dead. To him, death is a incarnational holding bin.

We change after death. We experience endless dimensions. None of those dimensions destroy the others. Our future personalities are as real as our present one. Consciousness is the creator of individuality. It does not destroy it. Just like the blackbirds perched on the ticket counter, we watch our personality blend with other aspects of our self, and we flutter in the breeze of our multidimensionality.

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