Monday, November 25, 2013

Psychic Pyramid

I am the ever-loving God, the ever present creator living within you and moving through you expressing as you in myriad forms- as you and you, and you- as the animals as the trees and the sky and the firmament as everything that exists.

Eva Pierrakos wrote those thoughts in her 1957 book, The Pathwork Of Self-Transformation Making sense of God is not an easy task. We believe God is a three dimensional entity that is above us, but that concept mirrors the belief that the world is flat. The notion of a god-particle comes a little closer to the nature of God, but God is more than a particle or even a cluster of particles.

Religion conditions use to believe that we can’t explain God. This belief structure creates questions with no answers. Faith, they say, is our only salvation. But the fact is there is nothing to be saved from. God is the ever present consciousness living within us and all physical and non-physical beings.

A new, but old, image of God is emerging. God is not human. God is an energy gestalt. God is a psychic pyramid of interconnected, ever-expanding gestalt of consciousness. This energy creates instantaneously as well as simultaneous universes and the individual consciousness that are endowed with psychic comprehension, personal perspective, intelligence and eternal validity. This gestalt is aware of and is active within every conceivable form of life.

Eva goes on to say: I shall dwell in you and if you allow Me to act through you to be known through your brain to be felt through your feelings you will experience My power that is limitless

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