Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Light Of Agelessness

Traceless, no more need to hide, Now the old mirror Reflects everything, autumn light Moistened by faint mist.

Those thoughts were written, in Chinese, by Suian over eight centuries ago. We could say old age is that mirror. In the fourth quarter of life there are reflections everywhere. The faint mist of our memory covers the present with the tainted truths of the past. Our autumn light grows in the uncertainty of what we term our limited future.

We have low expectations of the self. Years of narrow-minded and judgmental facts immerse us in a pool of mystery. The unknown becomes one of our biggest fear. We hide one self from another, so the ego can play tricks on us as we act out our physical play. Traceless energy moves through the corners of our mind. We believe that energy is from some almighty entity. We are all part of that almighty energy essence, and that essence knows no boundaries.

The self-created boundaries of old age fall away, when we realize that we don’t acquire a spirit at death. We are always a spirit, and that spirit’s mirror reflects light of agelessness.

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