Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Time Within Us

Down Time’s quaint stream without an oar, We are enforced to sail, our port a secret, our perchancea gale. What skipper would incur the risk? What Buccaneer would ride, without a surety from the wind or schedule of the ride

Emily Dickinson wrote about time because she thought a lot about it. But what really is time? We could say time is a state where thoughts become perceptions and choices. But, only one aspect of our personality adheres to this state. Our inner personality does not operate in time as we know it. That aspect of our personality actually ignores time.

The past exists in present time as a group of electromagnetic connections. These changing connections are held in the brain, and in the non-physical mind. The future exists as a group of electromagnetic connections in the brain and the mind. The past can be as real as the present. Past actions can be perceived in the present and acted on. Past and present actions can change the future, so present actions can also change the past.

The past is no more independent or objective from the perceiver than the present. The electromagnetic connections of the past were made by individual perceivers, and those perceivers are also participators. These connections can changed, and we often do change them as we relive them. The past is not exactly as we remember it. Associations and attitudes are always rearranging it the moment we bring it into the present.

The child we were is always within us, but the child within us constantly changes.

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