Thursday, June 12, 2014

Conditioned By The Conditions

Close observation discloses that most of us, most of the time, behave and act mechanically, like machines. The specifically human power of self-awareness is asleep and the human being, like an animal, acts more or less intelligently solely in response to various influences.

Only when man makes use of his power of self-awareness does he attain to the level of a person, to a level of freedom. At that moment he is living not being lived.

E.F. Schumacher, the 20th century economic scholar, wrote the 1973 book Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. That eco-bible, as Time Magazine called it, is considered one of the most influential books published since World War II. There’s no doubt, we do behave like machines a good part of our lives. We are conditioned by the conditions within our belief system. Our ability to absorb what is really going on around us is hindered by the conditions we establish around our core beliefs. We don't like to accept the awareness that develops from other beliefs. Our conditions are preconceived notions of what reality should be for us. We tend to reject anything that doesn’t conform to specific associations and influences established by our former or present peers. We believe their beliefs are the only truths.

The roots of the smallest plants are aware of the best conditions for their own growth. They don't discriminate or judge where they are or what other roots do. They act spontaneously toward self-fulfilling probabilities in order to express their self-awareness. At each moment in that process, the flowers within them are aware of their position. As the roots grow downward as well as upward the flowers still haven’t seen the space in which they will blossom, but they are fully aware that they will blossom. The precognitive knowledge within their roots gives the flowers the impetus for fulfillment. That impetus or energy is the action of their consciousness physically living not being lived.

The question we should be asking our self is: Is our psyche or consciousness any less miraculous? We must possess the same innate ability to know how and when we will blossom and express our own level of true freedom. The self must realize that unconditional awareness is the food that gives our inner roots the impetus for value fulfillment. Unconditional physical awareness allows the inner self-awareness to bloom without restrictions. Blooming without restrictions is living like a human flower that continues to bloom using its own self-fulfilling probabilities.

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