Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Insensible Fringe

Our present field of consciousness is a centre surrounded by a fringe that shades insensibly into a subconscious of more.

William James, the pioneering psychologist, philosopher, and medical doctor spent his entire academic career at Harvard. He taught his first Harvard psychology course in 1875. It’s safe to say that most of us don’t think about the fringe that surrounds our present field of consciousness. We’re too busy living our reality, so there’s no reason to dissect it. Our beliefs keep us safe from the fringe that opens like an invisible door to other realities. Even though a part of us exists in these realities we choose to focus on the one world that makes sense to us.

We don’t have time for the insensible. We believe insensible means unresponsive, a lack of feel or perception, so we discount anything that doesn’t conform to our version of sensibility. We forget that most of our core beliefs are rooted in our insensible fringe. We forget that our belief in God is insensible. Our belief in heaven and hell is insensible. Our belief in being alone in the universe is insensible. Everything we see, touch and know is a product of the insensibility within our thoughts.

Our insensible fringe is the catalyst for desire and creativity. It fuels our feelings. We don’t have to acknowledge it for it to work its magic. We don’t have to believe that we are doing what we think someone or something else is doing to us in order for it to work. It works without belief, but it works smoother when we believe in the power of now. Our belief in the now allows us the freedom to expand our field of consciousness in a state of awareness rather than a state of fear.

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