Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Image and Likeness of Our Focused Thoughts

But the mere fact that God created me makes it highly plausible that I have somehow been made in his image and likeness, and that I perceive this likeness, in which the idea of God is contained by means of the same faculty by which I perceive myself. That is, when I turn the mind’s eye towards myself, I understand not only that I am something incomplete and dependant upon another, something aspiring indefinitely for greater and better things, but also that the being on whom I depend has in himself all those great things, not merely indefinitely and potentially, but infinitely and actually, and thus he is God.

Rene Descartes in his Fourth Meditation from his work, Discourse on Method and The Meditations on First Philosophy is actually hitting the religious head with a resounding nail that can wake-up the dead if there was anything that was dead. The only thing that needs waking up is our ego consciousness that wanders through physical life thinking it’s separated from the other aspects of consciousness.

The God that Descartes objectively describes is another portion of the self that is connected to the stream of consciousness that flows through all consciousness. Just like a drop of water that becomes one with the ocean our consciousness can be a drop as well as the ocean. We are the God we seek. We are infinitely and potentially whole, but we create an outside image of this wholeness and call it God. That’s okay. Millions of us do it and will experience that wholeness in our own individual way when we pull ourselves out of the movie of physical life.

Our psyche is a multidimensional television set where many programs are operating, but only one is in focus. Even though we focus on one, all the other dimensions are latent in that one. There are coordinates that connect all of them. There is a give and take that’s visible between one program and another so the action in one affects the action within the others.

The psyche contains other programs with other plots; other world situations and environments. We can walk out of one program and into another, but we must know the other program exists before we can experience them. In a sense all programs are portions of one program.

The reality we are experiencing is on our dimensioned screen, but there are portions of the other programs not showing on that screen. They are not lined up linearly, but are contained within the focus in a completely different way. What makes sense in this focus may not in another. All of our thoughts and actions exist in a significant manner in this dimension which we perceive, but in dreams these thoughts and actions become self-propelling. Energy is never lost. The energy within our thoughts does not disappear or dissipate; that energy becomes reality in other dimensions.

So the energy we place on this separate God is not lost; it becomes energy in another dimension where the self absorbs it. The self becomes the image and likeness of all of our focused thoughts.

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