Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blocked Portions Of Subjectivity

But perhaps I am something greater than I myself understand. Perhaps all these perfections that I am attributing to God are somehow in me potentially, although they do not yet assert themselves and are not yet actualized. For I now observe that my knowledge is gradually being increased more and more to infinity. Moreover I see no reason why, with my knowledge thus increased, I could not acquire all the remaining perfections of God. And finally, if the potential for these perfections is in me already, I see no reason why this potential would not suffice to produce the idea of these perfections.

Rene Descartes in his 1641 work, Discourse on Method and Meditations On First Philosophy skates on the thin ice of religious blasphemy by insinuating that God like qualities exist within him. Three hundred and seventy years have pasted since he wrote that work and an overwhelming amount of people consider these thoughts blasphemy. Beliefs about the nature of God are deeply rooted in myths, folklore, religious mind control, ignorance, and forgetfulness.

The belief that God is perfect and infinite helped Descartes perceive a God that is separate from the finite self that exists within a body. Descartes judged God to be perfect. According to his beliefs an objective being cannot be produced by a potential being that doesn’t conform to the idea of perfect. We are taught to believe we are not perfect for a several egotistical reasons.

The expansion of our belief system is producing the realization that portions of our consciousness are focused on a specific reality while other aspects of the self are always wandering without tuning into any precise reality or frequency. Different worlds are experience every night in the dream state, but unless our consciousness is tuned in with precision we cannot perceive them clearly. Descartes idea about the self is a good example of how one self knows the future in other realities while another self is locked into the beliefs of this physical reality.

The human psyche is a supernatural radio that picks up all the stations at once. The physical self is just one signal on one station and it’s tuned into one frequency, but there are a plethora of other stations to experience. The overall reception of these different stations depend on the wiring and inner workings of the psyche.

The inner workings exist apart from the stations they are meant to be pickup so these stations of consciousness exist apart from the supernatural psyche. The psyche makes the radio and adds new connections and stations as it expands. There is constant interaction between all the stations and there's an incredible amount of creativity within this process so all the actions of one station affect all of the other stations.

Because of the specific poise of our consciousness we believe we are outside of these stations and attribute them to a higher power. Intrinsically the psyche contains all the stations and the realities that are experienced. We use different focuses to bring other aspects or frequencies into focus at some point in linear time. Simply by altering attention within certain beliefs we bring those frequencies into focus. Descartes did that, but relied on his beliefs about religion and science and blocked them, even though he experienced them subjectively.

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