Thursday, March 3, 2011

Psychic Spontaneity

But indeed it is also the same “I” who imagines; for although perhaps, as I supposed before, absolutely nothing that I imagine is true, still the very power of imagining really does exist, and constitutes a part of my thought.

Rene Descartes in his 1641 fourth meditation from, Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy is trying to observe his subjectiveness using objective thoughts. The power of imagination is rooted in our subject consciousness. It creates the manifestations that become true and real. Not everything that’s imagined manifests in this reality, but those thoughts do manifest in other realities. Thoughts always manifest somewhere since they are energy that is set in motion by the consciousness.

We only focus on one dimension and even when that focus is directed to imaginary thought it will only manifest when we allow it too. We do have a blocking mechanism that tells us to believe only what appears objectively. Those other impulses that are blocked by our unawareness eventually manifest and we experience them in some way, but we may not recognize those manifestation.

A good example of this blockage is our beliefs about our own cells. Our cells are eternal even though they exist in this dimension for a period of time. Energy is eternal in all forms so thoughts create not just our focused reality they create other realities that we can experience once we jump over our three dimensional hurdle.

There are psychic conventions that help organize experiences. Our exterior conventions force us to conform to accepted ideas, so our inner conventions are force to conform to preconceived prepackaging that inhibits remembering the multidimensionality of the self. Conventions are the result of stratified and rigid spontaneity. When they become a system of order the original spontaneity disappears.

That results in psychic customs as well as physical ones like religion and psychic dogma that direct the ego consciousness to follow a certain focus in a certain dimension. A private interpretation develops of the reality that is in focus, but there are many others to experience when psychic spontaneity reappears.

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