Thursday, April 19, 2012

Physical Actions

In the same way that we today think that the slave trade and colonial exploitation were inhuman and inconceivably bestial ways of acquiring riches, there is no doubt that coming generations will think that our form of world trade and distribution of the world’s benefits were just as inconceivable and inhuman.

Eric Dammann was born in Norway in 1931. He wrote the 1979 book, The Future in Our Hands. Dammann established the 1970s movement, The Future in Our Hands, which promoted personal, political and social change. The goal of the movement was to enhance the sense of freedom that individuals expect in a modern society.

Every generation tends to look back and judge the decisions made by former generations. We use secondary information as the measuring stick for the present. We forget that our beliefs form the reality we experience. We function in a survival mode because the reality we create is filled with negative energy. The responsibility to create a reality that is rich in freedom without using the tools of injustice and pseudo-economic well-being is lost in the ruble of our conscious objectiveness. Social acceptance is a top priority, but it is wrapped in a lot of self-defeating strings that stress our body consciousness. The desire to express emotion, even if it is negative emotion, is the fuel of life.

The time to firmly grasp our own reality and then acknowledge and accept it as our own is beating its head on our creative doors. It’s time to sort through our belief structure and weed out the beliefs that are responsible for the negativity we shower ourselves with every day. Self-conscious righteousness is a narrow bridge that only allows limited traffic through the channels of individual reality. When we give our innate emotions the opportunity to expand our belief structure, we begin to experience a surge in our physical energy. The desire to create new experiences using other aspects of our consciousness is the formula for tapping into vast regions of the psyche that want to express objectiveness in unique and productive ways.

As we tap into these new areas of the self, past fears, failures and catastrophes are accepted and understood. They are in our reality to expand our awareness of the self. Each generation creates their own formula for traveling through time, and that formula becomes a measuring stick for the future expansion of awareness. We guide the self through the maze of physical explorations and issues to experience the energy of consciousness. Consciousness is always in an expansion mode. Consciousness constantly brings the present self to the door of awareness. When we recognize the power of the innate energy that is within the door, our physical actions change. Our physical actions become a blend of different aspects of consciousness that vacillate between the present, past and future.

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