Friday, April 6, 2012

The Hour Of Becoming

The hour is striking so close above me, So clear and sharp, That all my senses ring with it. I feel it now: There’s a power in me To grasp and give shape to my world.

I know that nothing has ever been real Without my beholding it. All becoming has needed me. My looking ripens things And they come towards me, to meet and be met.

No thing is too small for me to cherish And paint in gold, as if it were an icon That could bless us, Though I’ll not know who else among us Will feel this blessing.

Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours was published in 1905. He was twenty three when he started this work of art. The inspiration for this book of poems came from what Rilke called “inner dictation.” An inner voice spoke to him at different times during the day, and he listened to that voice. He manifested those deep seeded thoughts through his poetry. All of us experience this sort of innate electrical intensity, but we manifest these messages in different ways. Creativity is the product of life and we all have an endless supply of it. The energy we project comes back to us as reflections and we produce our reality, but we have been trained to believe someone or something else is doing that creating. That belief structure has kept us in the vacillating spiritual fog, and we call it a religious mystery.

The act of beholding our manifestations expands our beliefs as the creative enzymes become part of our reality. These creative enzymes spring from the stream of consciousness, and they embrace our senses in an intense dance of consciousness. The dance is immersed in energy, and a metamorphic resonance takes place. This action of consciousness changes as we expand our beliefs so reality becomes a pliable experience. A catechism of wisdom spews from our minds, and we live through our projections and choices. These molecules of radiant energy touch gravitational realism, and we build a story that teaches us something about the self, and all consciousness.

Creative energy leaves an imprint on the self, and all other aspects of the self experience that energy in unique ways. Energy is action that manifests in other realities as well as our own. The individual invisible wires of electrical intensity carry energy to each of us from several areas of consciousness, and we experience our own hour of becoming at certain points in linear time. When that happens, we begin to realize that becoming more than we believe we are is our desire in physical life.

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