Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spiritual Elasticity

Christianity is therefore constituted not only with the teaching of Jesus himself but with all the dogmatical and speculative interpretations concerning the personality of Jesus and his doctrine that have accumulated ever since the death of the founder. In other words, Christ did not found the religious system known by his name, but he was made founder by his followers.

D.T. Suzuki in his essay, Doctrine of Enlightenment, explains how we give birth to our inner religious drama. This interior drama is a psychological phenomenon. We push our desire to connected to other portions of the self outward, and we establish modes of behavior, and symbols of worship in order to confirm our inner knowledge.

This symbiotic relationship creates a union between God and man. We feel closer to our inner truth, when we have an outward symbol of our inherent connection with the key aspect of our identity.

Our worldly issues are the result of this spiritual ignorance. As we move through this new wave of knowing, no man will look down on individuals from other races. No sex will be better than another. An open-ended consciousness feels its connection with all forms of life.

The result of this wave will be a radical change in our social and governmental behavior. We will have more freedom to use our spiritual elasticity as we move through this three-dimensional training ground.

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