Monday, October 28, 2013

Perpetual Becoming

Many times the mountains have turned from green to yellow So much for the capricious earth! Dust in your eyes, the triple world is narrow; Nothing on the mind, your chair is wide enough.

Muso Soseki, the 13th century Japanese poet, used his inner senses to express his multidimensional personality. Everything within our three-dimensional world occurs simultaneously. Every action of consciousness creates other probable actions. The infinite energy of the universe is never still. The whole of consciousness is more than the sum of its parts.

Time and duration are distorted. We consider duration an existence within a time framework, but existence and experience are not dependent on those limited bedfellows. Everything happens at once. There is no beginning or end. Consciousness has no expiration date.

Our concept of growth and development implies a journey toward perfection, but consciousness never reaches a point where development ends and creation stops. The freedom within consciousness, guarantees our perpetual becoming.

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