Monday, February 24, 2014


‘Tis very strange Men should be so fond of being thought wickeder than they are.

Daniel Defoe wrote those words in his work, A System of Magick. Are humans fond of being something less than loving? The answer to that question is rooted in thought itself. How we accept the self that functions every day is a matter of subjective thought. If we think we are wicked, we will certainly demonstrate qualities of wickedness. But wickedness has many facets to it. What is wicked to some is normal behavior to others.

Some of us believe we are stained with some kind of religious stigma at birth, so being wicked is a product of our multi-faceted economic based educational process. If we believe we are flawed from the start we act flawed, and that behavior can certainly be wicked. No child comes into world with wicked intent. Wicked is certainly a product of our imagination.

Imagination is a fertile field. In that field we grow mental and physically. How we choose to grow is based on the dualistic perceptions that develop from our thoughts. Since we are bombarded with perceptions and probabilities from those thoughts, we can choose to be varying degrees of wicked, or we can choose to be varying degrees of good. Some degrees of good are wicked and some degrees of good can turn wicked, so there is always a little of both in the thinker.

Humans are fond of being wicked in order to experience the physical results of it. Without the wickedness, good would have no meaning in the schemes of dualism.

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