Friday, February 21, 2014

Alternative Choices

A small amount of self-examination should show you that in a very simple way you are always thinking about probabilities. You are always making choices between probable actions and alternate choices.

Jane Roberts is best known for her work as a channel. Her Seth Books are read all over the world. No matter where her messages came from it’s easy to see that there is truth in her thoughts. We are always thinking about probabilities. Our thoughts create actions. Some of those actions are probable actions and others go uncultivated.

But, what if these uncultivated choices became probable choices? What if the thought we wanted to think wasn’t replaced with the thought we are expected to think. There’s no doubt. Our world would be a different place if all out thoughts became probable choices.

If we focus on thoughts long enough they become beliefs. Like thoughts come together to form a belief, and that union blocks out other thoughts that conflict with that belief. So our beliefs control our ability to experience everything we think. Some thoughts sneak past the blockage and become choices, but we feel bad about experiencing them. We like to call some of those thoughts probable sins, thanks to our religious training, but in essence they are just thoughts outside of our belief structure. Those alternate choices may go to another reality, and in that reality they may be become probable instead of alternative choices.

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