Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Emotionally Charged Invisible Wires

The world is like a multidimensional exotic plant growing in space and time, each thought, dream, imaginative encounter, hope or fear, growing naturally into its own bloom. It is a plant of incredible variety, never for a moment the same, in which each smallest root, leaf, stem or flower has a part to play and is connected to the whole.

Jane Roberts wrote several books on the nature of our unknown reality. She was able to explain some unexplainable facts about our world, and she used simple terms to do it. Our primary and secondary educational system doesn’t teach us what we should know about the multidimensional world we live in. We are not educated enough to sense the emotionally charged, invisible wires that connect us to our environment. Our inner intent is covered by an economic and religious film, and we suffer fear, anxiety and hate because of that pseudo-film.

Each event we experience is the direct result of our intents and beliefs, and when we understand that fact, we are able to sense the self as a plant rooted in the rich soil of our emotionally charged invisible wires, and the pot of expanding consciousness.

Our inner intent always forms exterior alterations. Consciousness forms our environment, and that means our environment is conscious. All consciousness is self-aware, but different forms of consciousness may not be aware in the same way. Some forms of consciousness do not reflect on their own conditions, because they may not need to. We apply our rules of consciousness to other life forms, and overlook or ignore their conscious intent. We then feel separated from other forms of consciousness, but those emotionally charged invisible wires are still connected in some way. The incredible variety of consciousness, within our mass reality, gives our world the fertilizer it need to expand every aspect of consciousness in a manner that reflects the nature of our unknown reality.

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