Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mental Hierarchy

When we speak of beings of higher dimensions, we are speaking of the rate of vibratory frequency, not as better than or more important than humanity. There is no being anywhere who is more than another. The angel is no more than the human. The angel simply knows more of who it is. You are still learning. There is no hierarchy within Divinity.

Jani King, the Australian psychologist, reminds us that we tend to put our thoughts into understandable hierarchies. We put good thoughts together and rate them. We do the same when it comes to negative thoughts. People, places and things all have a place in our mental hierarchy. We label each one with a hierarchical word that describes our physical experiences. We also use that hierarchy to label what we believe about the non-physical.

The non-physical is harder to describe and label with physical words, but we try. We use the same hierarchy system, but as Jani points out, that doesn’t mean that’s the way it is in the non-physical. Our mental hierarchy system is an ego driven system that conforms to what we believe about our reality. We forget that we live in more than one reality. Our dreams confirm that fact.

So what is the method of distinction within the divine reality? As we move through our reality we discover more of ourselves. We start to acutely sense our vibrational feelings in certain situations. We begin to understand the nature of those vibrations, and how they impact our ego.

Being human is not just about ego values. As we go through our human metamorphosis, we find the value in being who we are. We become aware that we are more than ego, and we cultivate those vibrational feelings. Our mental hierarchies change, and we accept the value in learning how to appreciate all our thoughts and experiences for what they are. They are messages from our non-physical personality.

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