Thursday, May 15, 2014

Free Floating Invisible Eye

The ego is a very specialized portion of your greater identity. It is a portion of you that arises to deal directly with the life that you are living. The ego can feel cut off; lonely and frightened, if the conscious mind lets the ego run away with it. The ego and the conscious mind are not the same thing. The ego is composed of various portions of the personality… it is a combination of characteristics, ever-changing, that act in unitary fashion. It is the portion of the personality that deals directly with the world.

The conscious mind is an excellent perceiving attribute, a function that belongs to inner awareness but is turned outward toward the world of events. Through the conscious mind the soul looks outward. Left alone, it perceives clearly.

It is only when the conscious mind becomes rigid in its direction, or allows the ego to take on some of its own functions that difficulties arise. Then the ego allows the conscious mind to work in certain directions and blocks its awareness in others. Do not confuse the ego with the you of your greater reality for the ego is only a portion of you that deals with the material portion of your existence.

Jane Roberts expressed those thoughts in one of her Seth Books. We all know we have an ego, but we don’t really know what it is. The ego has been described as the conscious element of our psychic apparatus. We believe it is an inner portion of us, and we call it the self. But, as Roberts points out, the ego is not the complete self. It is a characteristic within the complete self that distinguishes us from other individuals.

The ego is the free floating invisible eye of the self. It looks out and reports its findings to the conscious mind. When the ego works in tandem with the conscious mind perceptions become clear decisions, and ideas materialize without issues. There is a uniform bond between inner perceptions and outer actions.

But the ego doesn't have to conform to the wishes of the conscious mind. It has the ability to distort and reject perceptions in order to experience certain physical situations and things. The ego can block innate information when it feels threatened by it. If fear rules the ego, the conscious mind adjusts its messages. Eventually the ego conforms to the new messages, but that transformation can be challenging.

Awareness heals and vanity fails when the conscious mind cleanses its free floating invisible eye. The cleansing process is not the same for everyone, but the message that results from this inner operation is always the same. We begin to see the world with a different lens. We realize that our thoughts and emotions create reality. We slowly sense our inner power. We accept the perception that we are in control of our personal experiences regardless of our status, physical condition, circumstances or position.

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