Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wholes Of Wholeness

Your brothers are everywhere. You do not have to seek far for salvation. Every minute and every second gives you a chance to save yourself. Do not lose these chances, not because they will not return, but because delay of joy is needless.

Gary Renard’s book The Disappearance of the Universe is filled with food for thought. The notion that we don’t have to seek salvation certainly opens a can of religious worms. Salvation is the golden carrot that dangles in front of our fear-based, programmed minds. Sin reigns supreme in our world of duplicity, and we organize religions to dethrone it. But what if we choose this time and space to work on challenges and problems not in just one form, but in many forms?

Religion talks about a greater being. Most religions put that being outside and above our consciousness. Like the primitive cultures before us, we are taught to worship this being without question. But what if our own greater self is actually part of that being? What if there is no separation between us? What if we have the ability to divide our self, and materialize a portion of the self in the flesh of several individuals with completely different backgrounds? Each self has a free will, and each self is whole within the whole of complete consciousness. The individual self chooses to embark on some kind of creative challenge in order to expand the whole of the whole.

Given that scenario, a white man or woman would be black in the same time, but they would live in a different place. The black man or woman would be white, and the oppressed individual would be an oppressor in another part of our world at the same time. The conqueror would be the conquered, and the sophisticated individual would be primitive in some area on earth. The murdered is the victim in one place, and the victim is the murderer in another. Each one chooses the framework of individual experiences according to the consciousness of which each is an independent part.

When we recognize our connection with all forms of consciousness, we begin to realize our inherent brothers and sisters are everywhere. Each one working on a problem or challenge that will be solved without the need for salvation, or the belief in sin. Each whole expands in the wholes of wholeness.

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