Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Voice Of Creation

Her pure and eloquent blood spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought, that one might almost say, her body thought.

John Donne, the 17th-century poet, wrote those thoughts in his 1611 work Of The Progress Of The Soul. We don’t realize how much our body says about us. We’re too busy listening to the static we create from our fears. We forget about our molecules and cells. In a sense, they do have a mind of their own. They constantly reinvent themselves, but thanks to our emotional energy we alter their bodily inventions. We don’t give ourself credit for those changes. It’s always something outside of us that is changing the way we look, feel and react.

Our bodies tell us what we think by how it functions, but we ignore those messages. We believe there are other influences that create our various dis-eases. We don’t take credit for creating an outward appearance that tells us about our inward state of mind. We want to hold someone or something accountable for what we create. Creation is too strong a word to own.

But we do create and our bodies think. They show us the true meaning of “expose yourself.” All we are and all we become is not by chance. It is by choice. The good news is regardless of our bodily state we can change. We can send messages to the body that give it what it needs to achieve our innate purpose. That purpose is always achieved through feeling every emotional experience.

Some bodies are bent, broken and deformed, but all bodies think for themselves until we decide to move on without them. The blood that speaks in our cheeks is the same timeless energy that speaks through our cells. That energy is the voice of creation.

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