Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Personal Identity

Personal identity, the basic 'I', is a product of the subconscious, and as such exists as an actuality within the electrical field; because of this it is basically independent of the physical field, held to it mainly by the ego. The ego directs the identity toward physical orientation. This is an important point.

The ego does not exist within the electrical field. The ego is a product of the physical field, formed from physical birth on. The inner identity and the individuality, as you know, has its origins long before this. The inner self adopts an ego in order to allow manipulation within the physical universe, and yet part of the ego is composed of portions from the inner self, while the bulk of the ego is allowed to develop through physical heredity and environment.

The breath of life, so to speak is breathed into the ego by the inner self, but from that point on the ego is independent.

Jane Roberts wrote those thoughts in her book, The Early Sessions. The basic ‘I’, as Jane calls it, has always had an element of mystery behind it. We believe our ego is the ‘I’, but as we discover through the ups and downs of physical life, the ego is just a portion of the real ‘I’. Our personal identity or 'I' is not just our ego. Our identity is deeply-rooted in our ever-changing consciousness. In other words the ‘I’ is always expanding.

Our personal identity or real ‘I’ has many aspects and entanglements immersed in it. These entanglements exist in more than one reality. Dreams show us some of these entanglements. We are much more than we believe we are in dreams. We live our dreams in a strange and complicated environment, so we write them off as unreal. But our dreams are as real as our waking reality. They open doors to our underlying personal identity, and the other aspects of our identity. Those underlying aspects play a role in expanding our consciousness.

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