Monday, February 2, 2015

Conscious Objects

Some people look at their lives and think something like this: "Oh God, what did I live for? Isn't it terrible that I'm going to die? Life was black when it started, bleak when I was here, and it's going to be black again when life ends! What's it all for?" In my view, this blackness and despair has been designed into God's system.

We may not completely believe or even remember this design in this moment, but we have actually created all of it. The "me" that created it is not the person, the personality that identifies itself as Fred, or Martha, or Sam- that's not that person I am speaking about. It's the greater essence of "I," this deeper presence, the working of consciousness itself that is in me, in you, in everyone. That I, working through this body, is the same I that is reflected in the archetypal images of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, all of whom remind us, and continue to remind us, of our true essence. These beings are reflections or representations of our own identification with our greater, deeper I self.

Fred Alan Wolf wrote those thoughts in his book Dr. Quantum's Little Book of Big Ideas. He has a point. We bring negativity into our lives in order to learn from it. Without contrast, there would be no growth. We do live in a self-created reality filled with duplicity of consciousness. Everything in this reality is measured in the consciousness of time. Time is the duration of objects. Without the consciousness of time, there would be no objects. Objects must be surrounded by the consciousness of space to exist in this reality. Time and objects become one consciousness just like the self that creates and the self that experiences.

We create the life we experience to expand the consciousness of our soul or the “I” Dr. Wolf uses as a reference. We create conscious objects that conflict in order to achieve expansion. Sameness in religion, spirituality and blended preferences are ego-driven attempts to override the intentions of the “I.” In order to expand our consciousness and the consciousness that exists around us, we must express the highs and the lows of being human. The only perfection is the non-perfection and constant expansion of the consciousness we call our internal “I.”

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