Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Religious Wave

The notion that somebody literally made the world─ that is what is known as artificialism. It is the child’s way of thinking: the table is made, so somebody made the table. The world is here, so somebody must have made it.

There is another point of view involving emanation and precipitation without personification. A sound precipitates air, then fire, then water and earth─ and that’s how the world becomes.

The whole universe is included in this first sound, this vibration, which then commits all things to fragmentation in the field of time. In this view, there is not someone outside who said, “Let it happen.”

Joseph Campbell shared those thoughts with Bill Moyers and then wrote them in his book The Power of the Myth. We do make God in our image. Then we say, he made our world and everything in it. He made the universe and all universes, but we don’t really understand the how and the why of all those makings. God is the be all and do all in our two-thousand-year-old religious wave. If we buck the wave, we buck God. God didn’t say that. Our religious leaders said it for him, her or it.

We talk to God in prayers and with our positive intentions, but God doesn’t always give us the answer we expect. We don’t usually expect much since our religious wave has us covered in sin. Sin is another myth made by men who profess to know what God wants. Obviously God doesn’t want. He has made everything according to our religious wave.

But, as Campbell points out, all this fuss about God is just that. The makings, the fixings and the sin are all man-made myths to make the wave hit the shore of artificialism. There is a better definition of God. God is the eternal expansion of awareness through individual consciousness. Every form of consciousness is expanding in awareness. The universe, the world, man, animals, insects, the air, space and so on. Everything is and has consciousness. Consciousness is the infinite energy within energy. The religious wave has hit the shore of artificialism, but it is in the process of expanding the awareness of its individual consciousness.

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