Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Power in the Mind

It is the growing conscious of a new power in the mind, which enabled it to judge things from a new point of view. Ever since the unfoldment of consciousness we have been led to respond to the inner and outer conditions in a certain conceptual and analytical manner. The discipline of Zen consists in upsetting this artificially constructed framework once for all and in remodellling it on an entirely new basis. The old framework is called Ignorance and the new one Enlightenment.

D.T. Suzuki in his 1927 essay, Satori is explaining how consciousness is constantly changing and expanding in awareness. Basic units of consciousness are the foundation, frame, and framework for the expansion of the essence as well as the fragments of self that Suzuki calls Zen.

Consciousness units make up and form all the atoms, cells, molecules, and organs that make up a world. The great organization abilities of consciousness expand the collective from its own precognitive information which produces the impulses that create probabilities. The cells sense the future but the future is only experienced in the now. The cell’s now is a combination of the past and future in our terms and that creates the experience of the now.

There is a constant give-and-take type of communication between the cell in the now time and the cell as it was in the past or as it will be. The present cell is the focused result of a before and after of itself in time and from that knowledge it receives its present structure.

The spiritual and biological presence of cells cannot be separated. Their reality and purpose merge so consciousness is constantly creating a conglomeration of probable issues, abilities, and conditions to be experienced. Ignorance of self is one of those conditions that we choose to experience in order to expand each fragment of the self. Enlightenment is the awareness of a greater self that is a blueprint of consciousness in all forms. Therefore, enlightenment is a progressive state of awareness that continues to create units of consciousness that form new frameworks of expression.

A new power in the mind is expressed in the energy of its own enzymes and that power manifests as the mind becomes aware of its ability to know itself in the expression of fragmented enlightenment.

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