Wednesday, April 20, 2011

True Thoughts

When a moment in our experience, of any kind whatever, inspires us with a thought that is true, that means sooner or later we dip by that thought’s guidance into the particulars of experience again and make advantageous connection with them.

William James in his 1907 essay, Pragmatism’s Conception of Truth digs deep into the channels of the conscious mind, and finds a road drenched with creativity. Our thoughts are psyche energy. Thoughts attached themselves to beliefs, and they form our perceptions and experiences. We believe that most thoughts are true, but once they intermingle with preconceived beliefs they can become distorted.

The natural acceptance of non-physical thoughts is the beginning of a particular story or experience. We may believe that we are one self that does not contain other selves. That is a distorted view of selfhood, but it may be true to the believer. Distorted truths are usually fueled by the religious and scientific inconsistencies in our belief structure.

Our essence distributes counterparts of the self with different features and characteristics in different aspects of physical time. These counterparts are connected so there is a constant interchange of energy that manifests in some way in this and other realities. That truth doesn't mean very much when it comes to our focused reality, but the interaction of our counterparts in the unconscious level does have an impact on thoughts that manifest experiences.

Our beliefs create and shape our reality. If we believe that we are nothing more than a spirit and flesh we will experience situations and people that compliment those thoughts. Every thought is true to the consciousness creating that form of energy, but it may not be true when other thoughts are mixed in with the original thought.

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