Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Equator Of Life

We may climb into the thin and cold realm of pure geometry and lifeless science or sink into that of sensation. Between these extremes is the equator of life, of thought, of spirit, of poetry.

Nature as we know her, is no saint. The lights of the church, the ascetics, Gentoos, and Grahamites, she does not distinguish by any favor. She comes eating and drinking and sinning. Her darlings, the great, the strong, the beautiful, are not children of our law, do not come out of the Sunday School, nor weigh their food, not punctually keep the commandments. If we be strong with her strength, we must not harbor such disconsolate consciences, borrowed too from the consciences of other nations. We must set up the strong present tense against all the rumors of wrath, past or to come.

Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1841 essay Experience bounces us off the walls of sanity and we find ourselves stumbling along our equator of life. We place one thought in front of another believing that we on the highway of righteousness and redemption only to discover that those preconceived notions are remnants of a ritualistic and ignorant past.

Our beliefs are so structure that our identity is solely dependant on our psychological and biological sexuality. We function using manmade laws and call them laws of God. Cooperation is paramount to our being so we push our bisexual nature away from our reality, and condemn those that bring it forth. Bisexual stereotypes shade our perceptions even though the larger pattern of human personhood demands a bisexual affiliation. That affiliation provides a framework where individuals can express feelings, and abilities that follow the natural incline of the personal psyche.

The distortion that results from our psyche blockage begins to accumulate in puberty. We are not educated to understand the nature of consciousness and our psyche. We believe the psyche is a contradictory instead of the foundation for our conscious unconsciousness. The psyche is a bank where all beliefs are drawn. There are no clear-cut characteristics that belong to one sex or another in that bank. That would lead to a pattern that is to rigid for the development of our species.

Some of our beliefs are built-in from infancy. They are biologically pertinent. They create some of our life experiences. Other beliefs are learned through associations and influences. Those beliefs along with our core beliefs create a psychic highway of experiences that move us toward unity. Unity is the place where present or past rumors of wrath don't exist. It is the place where great gifts thrive in the art of appreciating as well as giving.

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