Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greater Scheme of Being

The spirit knows its own way, and what we can do is to rid it of all the obstacles our ignorance has piled before it.

D.T. Suzuki in his work, History of Zen, explains the origin of Zen Buddhism in China. He opens a window of wisdom for us so we can sense the spirit’s nature, which is the epitome of freedom and emancipation. The fruit of freedom and the nectar of emancipation are hanging in front of us, but we tend to look beyond these gifts in order to experience the contrast that sets expansion in motion. Expanding the complete self is not a vivid thought since we only use a small portion of the self in this reality.

Our educated ignorance feels like the old Berlin Wall. We build a wall around the focused self. This self is rooted in self-serving and limited perceptions of our psyche even though the psyche is a composite element that contains the spirit, soul, and mind. We are bound by the shackles of time and roped to the moving force of fictitious beliefs, which create a mental landfill of toxicity. We live in a world fill with multitudinous small deaths and births which take place in the body as well as in the psyche. We forget the circular motion of our expanding being when we are focused on linear time. Cause and effect are the result of logical thought, but logical thought has no business in the spiritual aspect of the psyche so there is no spiritual cause and effect that can be translated in terms we can understand.

Our cells know the aspects in their environment that impact the changing condition of the physical body. The psyche has a similar kind of awareness when it comes to psychological environments and events. The awareness of undetected probabilities and actions in the waking state seem to have no connection with us even though we are related to them in the greater scheme of being. But, in the playing field of the dream reality we remove all our perceived physical obstacles so the spirit can function freely. In this multiplistic reality, our psyche merges in time as well as out of it so we can experience emancipation in both realities.

Our conscious spirit sits on the invisible, unspoken, and psychological language of the psyche. We don’t have to physically define the spirit, but we should accept and appreciate it for its relentless expanding energy.

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