Saturday, September 22, 2012

Consciousness Moves Through Itself

When we speak of beings of higher dimensions, we are speaking of the rate of vibratory frequency, not as better than or more important than humanity. There is no being anywhere who is more than another. The angel is no more than the human. The angel simply knows more of who it is. You are still learning. There is no hierarchy within Divinity.

Jani King, the Australian psychologist, has written several books on the nature of human beliefs. She explains that our physical belief system is based on learned knowledge as well as physical experiences. We expand our awareness using our beliefs and the experiences that manifest from those beliefs. We believe that there is a hierarchy in the spiritual aspect of the self, but there are not hierarchies in consciousness.

Consciousness is infinite, but it is also appears finite. There are non-physical regions, aspects, elements and various forms of consciousness, but there are no divisions within consciousness. We assign levels and a hierarchy in order to comprehend consciousness in our finite world. Religion as well as philosophy teaches us to dissect and catalogue consciousness in order to physically understand it. We move through and sense several regions of consciousness in order to feel it physically.

Our beliefs create vibrations and those vibrations are tuned into a specific frequency. That frequency is our reality. We also create vibrations through thoughts that are not beliefs. Those thoughts may come from a different frequency. Other aspects of our consciousness are aware of these frequencies so we sense the energy that emulates from these unusual vibrations. Some people call it intuition. Some call it voodoo while others call it magic. Consciousness calls it consciousness being conscious. Consciousness is always conscious as it continues to expand in its own divinity.

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