Saturday, November 24, 2012

Conscious Projections

The autonomous alternative is to move beyond pressure by recognizing that any sense of insistent pressure is one’s own projection drive. The man who recognizes that what he feels is his own drive will neither resent nor resist the pressure, he will act.

Snell and Gail Putney in their 1966 book, The Adjusted American: Normal Neuroses in the Individual and Society explain how our projections impact our now. The brain does not hold just current beliefs; the brain contains passive beliefs as well. Beliefs lie in a fertile pool of mental enzymes, and they wait for a thought to stimulate them.

Our reasoning abilities are meant to grow and evolve as we use them. We become more conscious in consciousness as we reason, and we are able to make minute-by-minute judgments as we need them. Imagination grows along with reasoning in the conscious mind. As we acquire knowledge our imagination expands. A mature conscious mind accepts impulses from objective projections as well as from inner wisdom. We tend to accept the impulses we receive from our objective projections, but discount the wisdom from our subjective consciousness.

The result of this choice is perception separation. We call one part of us awake and another part of us unconscious. But there is nothing unconscious about the inner wisdom we receive from another area of the psyche. That wisdom helps us manifest all conscious projections.

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