Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Imagination Of Consciousness

Thus those who say that they would have right without its correlate, wrong; or good government without its correlate, misrule, do not apprehend the great principles of the universe, nor the nature of all creation. One might as well talk of the existence of Heaven without that of Earth, or of the negative principle without the positive, which is clearly impossible. Yet people keep on discussing it without stop; such people must be either fools or knaves.

That interesting thought was written 2500 years ago in Chinese by Chuang-Tzu. Chuang-Tzu had a pretty good handle on his reality. He understood that contrast creates expansion. He believed we create a life filled with dualistic lessons.

Our will power and imagination are never in conflict. Our thoughts and beliefs may be combatant, but our will power will always follow our imagination. Imagination helps create reality, but we also choose to fulfill our desires using beliefs. Beliefs are filled with positive as well as negative influences and associations. We communicate our beliefs to others, and they accept or reject them in their own way. Individuals develop their own protective screen of personal beliefs, and that screen creates personal realities.

Life is an ever-changing three dimensional painting. When we change the structure of our beliefs, we change the painting and our experiences. We can mentally throw away beliefs that no longer serve our desires, but there is a residual energy attached to those antiquated beliefs and that energy may continue to restrict the fulfillment of our desires.

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