Saturday, April 6, 2013

Interior Hut Of Consciousness

This hut is larger than the earth, Since there’s nothing that is not. In the small charcoal stove

Burn sun and countless stars, And the corners of the kitchen Buzz with humankind

Shinkichi Takahashi’s poem Here is a good example of 1920’s Dadaism mixed with an abundant dose of what-the-hell? The 20s and 30s were restless decades in Japan. Takahashi was an emerging artistic figure. His work gave that reality a touch of existential flavoring.

The hut in Takahashi’s work is the inner self. Before we perceive anything physical we sense it through our inner pathways. Everything exists in the non-temporal reality before it is materialized, and perceived physically. Ideas generate emotions and imagination. They activate interior patterns, which come from the creative force from which all realities manifest.

We consciously react to the noise of physical data. Takahashi calls it “the buzz of humankind.” Physical data is carried through the nerves using time lapses. Time lapses are necessary within this dimension. The sun and the stars represent the invisible light and sound patterns that form using the electromagnetic energy of the nothing that is not. This nothing is not ruled by time and space, and cannot be explained using our limited format.

From that nothing temporal perception takes over, and we separate everything that is not accepted by our educated conscious mind. But in our interior hut all physical and non-physical events and objects are recognized and connected.

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