Monday, July 28, 2014

The Face Of Fear

Every law that you have on your books today, whether it's a religious or a secular law, has come about because you're trying to get somebody else to do something that will make you feel better.

Ester Hicks expressed those thoughts in one of her Law Of Attraction workshops. We have been conditioned to legally force others to adhere to our preferences. We enact and support laws in order to feel better about the world we create. Laws are our guidelines. They are the invisible outline of our society. If we took the time to study that outline we would discover that insanity is our guiding light.

Laws, as the lawyers profess, are necessary in a world filled with diversity. Our legal eagles say if not for laws, the world would be a chaotic place to live. Our mass reality would be filled with free flowing expressions that cross the boundaries of civilized behavior. The strong would dominate the weak, and the aggressors would control the meek. Life would be hell, and death would be a welcomed state of relief.

Ester Hicks did not express her thoughts about laws to devalue them. Her thoughts were designed to make us think about the law within us. That law recognizes different preferences without judgments. The Law Of Attraction is the law that makes all other laws unnecessary. The law states we attract what we think, and we physically live those thoughts. Thoughts that are thought long enough become beliefs. Those beliefs create our individual reality. The fearful thoughts within those beliefs build a world full of self-made restrictions. We restrict in order to calm our fears.

Fear is the energy force that creates our insanity. When we look at the world we create, we see fear all around us. The more we think about fear the more laws we create. Our laws are the face of fear. That face is a choice. When we stop choosing fear, the face of our world will change.

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