Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Creative Activity

To be of the Earth is to know

The restlessness of being a seed

The darkness of being planted

The struggle toward the light

The pain of growth into the light

The joy of bursting and bearing fruit

The love of being food for someone

The scattering of your seeds

The decay of the seasons

The mystery of death

And the miracle of birth.

John Soos wrote that poem. How incredible it is to see how the Earth displays different elements of its consciousness. Like the Earth, we all go through the stages of life and death every day. Ideas are born each minute, and some of them die in the stream that leads to other probabilities. Ideas are seeds, and the mind is the soil that nourishes them. The impetus for growth lies in the conviction of our choices, and the water for continued growth is our desire to experience what we believe.

We fear the mystery of death, but there is no mystery in that act of renewal. We prepare our self for death when we dream. We see our self in those dreams as clearly as we feel our self in this wakeful world. There are miracles in every choice and desire in every thought. We know not the face of creation, but we live to create every moment. In those creations lies the face of our soul. The creative activity we call the soul brings us face to face with God, and we wonder why.

The wonder of decaying seasons lies in the rubble of our forgetfulness. Our past sit there and wait for another creative act that sparks our zest for expansion. In that expansion we feel the glory of being one with the Earth, with the seeds, and with creativity activity we call the soul.

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