Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Force Of Imagination

The concepts that connect and separates people is the power of an idea and the force of imagination.

We find ourselves using the power of our ideas when we discuss patriotism, political affiliations, and family loyalty. We instantly color our world with the force of our imagination and as we do we realize how different our ideas and imagination are. Those aspects of consciousness are highly individualized, but they can be influenced. We fail to see the importance of imagination even though it forms the world we experience as well as the mass world we experience. Imagination changes how we perceive ourselves. The combination of imagination and beliefs structure our subjective experience as well as our objective circumstances.

Thanks to imagination we feel we are part of a plan, but that plan is based on the ideas we have about that plan. Our history and our ideas about our history are formed by the ideas we have in our imagination and we then project them into the physical world. The battle we are experiencing with radical terrorists is a product of their efforts to squeeze their ideas of truth into a framework of beliefs that is too small, and this distorts and bends their beliefs into uncompromising dogmas.

We could say the rapid rise of radical fundamentalism is an over compensation for ideas that have existed in the Western world for centuries. The laws and standards set by the imagination of Westerners are unacceptable within the framework of the distorted beliefs of terrorists. Terrorists believe in an authoritarian religion that must rebel against scientific and religious intellectualism. Terrorist see the world in black and white, good and evil and those associations give the elastic world of Western ideas a foothold in their imagination as they attempt to accept literal interpretations of intuitive realities.

By accepting literal interpretations, the terrorists further limit the channels where their psychic abilities flow. The imagination is creative, so it is always seeking expression. Terrorists would rather believe in man’s sinful nature rather than the fact that every person is inherently good, and an individualized portion of the divine.

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