Sunday, August 13, 2017

Alternative Possibilities

The Principle of Alternative Possibilities, in the minds of some philosophers, is the belief that a person is morally responsible for what he has done only if he is able to do something else. Other philosophers say that belief is false. A person is morally responsible for what he has done even though he could not do something else. So the debate continues. The debate is about freedom as well as determination. We have the freedom to choose what is morally responsible in every possibility we create in order to experience life in our reality. We are always able to choose otherwise, but that choice may have associations attached to it that makes us believe we cannot choose otherwise. The belief in those associations makes us think we are morally responsible to those associations, not to ourselves, and that gives us the freedom to not be morally responsible.

There’s not much moral responsibility in our capitalistic market. Moral responsibility rolls between the sheets of legal manipulation and alternative facts. The determination to be morally responsible is a puff of smoke in a system that feeds the wealthy with lawful pandering that reeks with legal injustice, and the stench of a modern day Nobel Lie. Lawmakers become the noblemen and the keepers of their version of moral responsibility, and the people ferment in pools of distortions and fabrications. People shiver in the ice of the morally inept and they burn in the fires of the morally just. Our moral responsibility is drowning in a sea of capitalistic greed, so we excuse ourselves from any kind of alternative possibility principle.

Our political leaders set traps and conjure fancy concepts and call them laws so their moral responsibility becomes the universal truth and the undeniable choice. We are naked and afraid to accept what we create, so we give political and religious leaders the right to create for us. The choice to follow or to lose form the boundaries of capitalistic and political traps.

If we choose to swim against the political and capitalistic current and use our own alternative possibilities, waves of innate responsibility give us a mental lift and a serious dose of inner vision. We are able to feel the lesson within the phony principles of alternative possibilities and use them to keep our focus on our innate responsibility. Our innate responsibility lives in the ocean of personal possibilities that become real.

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