Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Esoteric Rodeo

Calling this incredible political, social, and religious society an esoteric rodeo may not be the best way to describe this version of 21st-century-realism until you considered what the word esoteric means. Esoteric, according to the Urban Dictionary, describes a way of perceiving that a select few understand because they have special knowledge or interests. In our case, the Washington politicians have a special way of perceiving, and it conforms to the perceptions of the people who allegedly gave them a free ticket to Capitol Hill. Then another way of knowing overcomes them in Washington, and their new esoteric views become weapons. And the people become target practice. We the people are still for the people, but we the people controlling the government are for themselves. Being a Senator or a Congressman is no longer an honor, and it’s no longer a privilege. Those law-making decision makers are the puppets of wealthy capitalists.

The Red and Blue capitalists give these modern day gladiators the money to battle each other with frivolous words and distorted truths. The gladiators are never accountable for their actions or their law-making votes. And they rarely apologize for their part in the demise of a free and open society. Some people say this Democracy was never open or free in the first place. The wealthy set the Democracy up, and they certainly had an agenda when the British cut their losses. That agenda continues to expand in what some people call “conditional freedom.” So, the lawmakers’ perception of a free society, is anything but free. Remember freedom means not being under the control of others or in the power of another.

We all have our own way of perceiving freedom. Other ways of defining freedom may seem out there because Washington makes people perceive freedom as something special, conditional, and limited. The elite know we all are esoteric, so believing that version of freedom is easy, yet difficult to do. But we create freedom-type beliefs and we physically live them by establishing a knowing that coincides with the government’s freedom plan, or some other cult or religious way of perceiving freedom.

But we might decide to pursue real freedom through our free will. If we take that perception path, another version of freedom overcomes us. We feel the energy that vibrates in unison with all energy. That innate, energetic, freedom spills over into our perception of this reality, and we begin to change. And when we start that process, the freedom that always exists has no turn off button, no regulation meter, and no backward control knob.

A free esoteric rodeo becomes our new reality, and it is contagious. This self-freeing rodeo changes the nature of what we believe. And when our beliefs change, new experiences surface. When enough people connect to that self-freeing rodeo within them, the scales of Democracy will tip, and the government will bend in natural compliance.

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