Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Sticky Atmosphere Of Doubt

“Government is a tool that helps bring out the best in people.”

Confucius, the Chinese moral and political sage, wrote those words more than 2,000 years ago. He also said people should have respect for government, and they should rely on the governmental processes for leadership.

When people lose faith in government, they lose faith in themselves, and a state of confusion takes over. That state manifests in different ways. Rather than ruling by virtue, governments become bogged down by conflicting opinions about justice, equality, and moral behavior.

A government that has lost the faith of the people is a tumultuous melting pot of radical as well as racist judgments and civil insolence. Right becomes a distorted vision of disjointed opinions and a rebellious epiphany of religious servitude.

Faith overflows with doubts when a government displays the moral arrogance to develop its own course without the support of its people. A chaotic sense of confusion invades the egos of loyal individuals. That mental anguish manifests in irrational behavior that covers the government in a sticky atmosphere of doubt.

A government in doubt protects itself with perceived projections that complicate the correction. The correction is the demise of the untruthful aspects of government. And the birth of a more meaningful order that embraces the people and the morality of the times.

Morality is an ever-changing judgment. The clashing moralities of candidates for a government position project the character and the chaos that exists in the mass consciousness. We are at the doorstep of a deposition where old government figureheads begin to drown in untruths, and that awakening acts as an objective catalyst for a monumental expansion of mental manifestations.

Our mental enzymes will remember and implement the true meaning of the words justice, equality, and moral behavior when we realize we are the government. This election is the first step in that mental process.

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